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Decision Making and Advocacy - Research Paper Example

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Part One: Decision Making and Advocacy 1. Organizational Chart For Clubhouse of Suffolk 2. Decision Making At Clubhouse of Suffolk The process of decision-making involves the selection of different courses of action that lead to appropriate solutions to a problem…
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Decision Making and Advocacy
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Download file to see previous pages The classification of the needs and objectives in their order of priority will be done to ensure these issues are dealt with in their order of preference. The company needs to collect their clients problems and views as it enables them to know the type of solutions they need to develop (Roth and Mullen, 2002). The use of committees is vital in reducing the costs and inconveniences that the customers face when coming for meetings. The development of alternative ways to take action is done soon after while considering the views and satisfaction levels of different customers. The company needs to come up with an alternative way of accomplishing their objectives. This occurs if their current resources are unavailable or unaffordable. The choice of the available alternatives will be made in consultation with the workers and clients. The alternatives the organization and the committees choose to take will undergo a process of evaluation. This will help to determine whether they are in line with the company’s set objectives (Potterfield, 1999). The alternatives that the team finds satisfactory enough in satisfying all the objectives will be put to use. Additional consequences of using the alternatives are put into consideration for the purposes of evaluating any unforeseen hindrances. The team does an evaluation on the alternatives for any additional forces that may bring negative consequences. The information that the company gets from their clients will be vital for the company. This is because it will help them in determining the methods they will use to ensure the achievement of satisfaction. This eventually culminates in the implementation of the decisions by the lower level management, the company staff and the clients. The involvement of the clients in the formation and implementation of decisions enables the smooth operation of the company’s activities. a. Clients And Workers Roles In Decision Making The clients will participate in the decision making process by bringing out their needs and problems for further analysis. This will in turn enable the efficient formulation of policies to counter their effects. The workers involvement in the decision making process will help in easing resistances that the management could face when implementing the decisions. The workers can also assist the management in devising new and more cost effective ways of performing their activities (Roth and Mullen, 2002). The participation of the workers and clients in the decision making process will ensure the operations of the company run smoothly. b. Structures Used To Encourage The Participation of Clients and Workers The management of the company will hold open discussion forums with the clients and their workers. The aim of these forums will be ascertaining the solutions to the problems both parties are encountering in the course of their normal activities (Roth and Mullen, 2002). These forums will also be beneficial in collecting the various requirements of the workers and their clients. The company’s administration will also make use of customer care centers to cater for the needs of their clients and workers. There will be the presence of suggestion boxes that will be vital in collecting information concerning various activities that happen within the organization. The use of these facilities allows the workers and clients who are not brave enough to air their views the chance of doing so. c. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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