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Ethical Treatment of Prisoners - Term Paper Example

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In the paper “Ethical Treatment of Prisoners” the author analyzes conditions enabling prisoners to undertake meaningful remunerated employment which will facilitate their reintegration into the labour market and permit them to contribute to their own financial support and to that of their families…
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Ethical Treatment of Prisoners
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Extract of sample "Ethical Treatment of Prisoners"

Download file to see previous pages By taking into account gut intention, a person would usually stay away from someone who has committed a sin or a wrongdoing or caused havoc within society. Prisoners are usually such people as they have been imprisoned for doing injustice and wrong to people. However, the notion to treat them in a morally incorrect manner is wrong on part of other people living within society. At the end of the day, they are also people and have the right to be treated in a proper manner because only when people show a certain amount of compassion towards them will they learn. According to a number of Conventions that have been laid down, a moral code of conduct has been decided to be followed, as per given within the scope of this article, in order to help prisoners lead a morally ethical lifestyle. (Acome, Mathew) Prisoners need to be treated with care and dignity and need to be provided with all the opportunities possible, that a common man could have. This is done in order to help them realize the magnitude of their crimes and teach them a sense of responsibility while serving time in prison. Treating a man who has committed crime, in a criminal manner, will only make the situation worse and make him think worse of the surroundings that he has been thrust into. It is important to treat prisoners properly so that they are finally able to make a contribution towards society, both during their time in prison and after they have been let out. The treatment of persons sentenced to imprisonment or a similar measure shall have as its purpose, so far as the length of the sentence permits, to establish in them the will to lead law-abiding and self-supporting lives after...
A prison should be a prison and not a home; this goes for any kind of prisoner or criminal living within it. At times, there are people with high status and power in society who commit crimes and are jailed; however, they receive excellent treatment within prisons just because of their name and the kind of wealth they might have. This is wrong because after all, at the end of the day, they too are prisoners and thus should be treated as harshly as the others around them.
There are a number of prisoners that may be undergoing mental problems which have created a negative impact on their health. Such prisoners must be given proper facilities and doctors so that they may be able to recuperate and understand the purpose of their lives better. Half the times, people that are undergoing serious medical and mental issues tend to carry out criminal activities and thus are detained in prisons. These people should not be looked over and thus should be provided with proper care and attention so that they are able to get better and live healthier lives.
Furthermore, this will also reduce the rate of their negative thinking which might lead them to live better lives in the future. It is the duty of every man to help his fellow men understand the purpose of their lives and help them live when they are lost, thus, officers must be at the liberty to help prison inmates at such times and help them come out of their depression or mental issues. This can be done by conducting meetings and programs for all the prisoners where each one may come up and help the other as well.
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