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Women in Chinese Great Novels - Book Report/Review Example

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In the paper “Women in Chinese Great Novels,” the author analyzes one of the greatest novels of Chinese literature “The Story of the Stone”, which was written by CaoXueqin. It starts with the narrative of JiaBao-yu, a man who prefers females to Confucian lessons…
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Women in Chinese Great Novels
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Download file to see previous pages It deals with issues of plots, traits, scheming and military battles, as well as, reveals diverse role women played in the Chinese society. It is a complex novel with varied characters and secondary stories. The narrative depicts characters such as Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu; thus, the novel is full of romantic rivalry, as well as, friendship stories.
Thesis: The Story of the Stone and Three Kingdoms are the greatest romantic Chinese novels that attempt to reveal the way women acted as the seductress, romantic lovers, warriors and shrewd mothers in the society.
The Story of the Stone and Three Kingdoms are the greatest romantic Chinese novels that attempt to reveal varied roles that women played in the novel. First, women acted as the seductress and romantic lovers whose role was to impress men, as well as, aimed to solve economic issues. For instance, in the novel of the Three Kingdoms, Roberts revealed the way women such as Gou Jian sent his archenemy to seduce Fu Chai in order to enable them to move away from the governance of his kingdom. The plot presents Diaochan who devoted herself in order to win the trust of Dong Zhou and she sent signals to LY Bu claiming to be unhappy and longing for him. Diaochan is one of the female characters who sacrifice herself as a warrior and she makes men tremor in terror. On the other hand, The Story of the Stone is a novel that attempts to reveal the romantic and loves affairs as the main roles of women in the China society. Women never received a better education in the society but rather they were seen as people whose work was to bear children and look after the family. For instance, from the beginning of the story, Jia Bao-yu is revealed as a gentleman who prefers girls to Confucian studies and his parents attempted to get for him a beautiful lady so that he can marry her2 (Cao and David 11). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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