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Russian Mafia's Organization - Research Paper Example

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This paper presents a comparison, contrast, and analysis of the Russian Mafia’s criminal organization with other known international criminal organizations. The focus of the comparison is mainly between the Russian Mafia and the Balkan organized crime…
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Russian Mafias Organization
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Download file to see previous pages The vast majority of the Russian population at the time was peasants and consequently, they were poor. This is one of the situations that triggered criminality in Russia at the time giving rise to the Mafias (Serio 2008). The criminals used to steal from the government entities at this age. The thieves grouped and had their own code of conduct which fundamentally featured loyalty to each other and to the group.
When Stalin came to power shortly after the demise of Lenin, one of his priorities was to crush down on the thieves and to end this activity. Consequently, he ordered the execution of criminals and political opponents who were considered a threat to the security of Russia. During the World War Two, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union giving rise to desperation for men to join the war and save the nation. Prisoners were released and immediately ordered to join the army. Many people came together to help in the war. This, however, was a contravention with the thieves’ code of conduct which stipulated that the thieves were not required to get involved with government authorities.
When the war was over, Stalin sent the criminals back to the prison. Those who refused to lend their services during the war were referred to as ‘bitches’. They, therefore, found themselves landing at the bottom of the hierarchy in Russia. The “bitches” got bitter and isolated themselves from the rest of the society and formed their own groups and power bases. They also collaborated with the prison officials thereby getting themselves in certain luxurious conditions. Bitterness between the groups erupted giving rise to wars from 1945-1953 (Williams and Vlassis 2001). The officials in charge of the prisons encouraged the violence since they wanted to get rid of the criminals out of the prisons.
After Stalin’s death, about 8million prisoners were released. This was a real recipe for criminal activity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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