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Legal and Social Issues Surrounding Genetic Testing - Literature review Example

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The paper "Legal and Social Issues Surrounding Genetic Testing" highlights that the level of susceptibility to genetically instigated disorders and diseases can not be used to determine whether one can again pay higher insurance premiums. This move would be discriminative…
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Legal and Social Issues Surrounding Genetic Testing
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Extract of sample "Legal and Social Issues Surrounding Genetic Testing"

Download file to see previous pages One of the greatest endeavors in modern research and studies is the determination of the levels of certainty with which facts can be presented. The study of statistics has found wide application in nearly all disciplines since, though in its early stages of formulation it was highly opposed, it tries to explain why almost everything is not exactly predictable.
Surprisingly, even the highest levels of scientific developments are riddled with uncertainty. One of the areas where these mathematical concepts mingle with the highest levels of confidence is in the study of genetics. The determination of the genetic composition has been touted as one of the greatest steps in science’s quest for certainty, or the closest hint at certainty.
A study sponsored by the US Department of Energy credits Walters (1999) forecast that in future, we will see prenatal interventions to prevent severe and irreversible damage to fetuses and gene transfer to prevent or treat neurological disease. Such assertions have piled pressure to responsive adults to want to know whether their offspring will be safe from high exposure to genetically transferred diseases and other undesired traits.
But several factors stand on the way for potential parents to freely undertake the exercise. Naturally, the moment individuals find out that their genetic makeup will expose their child to a certain disease, special care is advised by the medical expert in charge. However much the individuals to whom the news is broken are advised to keep the results to themselves, it is not practical that the information will fail to leak to other individuals in the same society.
Asplen (1999) noted that one of the factors that contributed to a negative perception among the public is that DNA technology in the USA developed as a prosecutorial tool, rather than an investigative one. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Issues Concerning Genetic Information Literature review.
(Issues Concerning Genetic Information Literature Review)
Issues Concerning Genetic Information Literature Review.
“Issues Concerning Genetic Information Literature Review”.
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