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A Framework for Effective Communication Skills - Research Paper Example

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The paper “A Framework for Effective Communication Skills” focuses upon the ways through which the nurses can improve their communication skills when dealing with their patients by providing them with a framework. The paper also looks at the significance of communication skills in the field of nursing…
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A Framework for Effective Communication Skills
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Extract of sample "A Framework for Effective Communication Skills"

Download file to see previous pages The framework focuses upon the five ‘Is’ such as interaction with the patient, developing the intention of the interaction, planning upon the kinds of intervention techniques used, evaluating the impact of such sorts of intervention and assessing the implication of the information that has been gathered and thus taking actions accordingly (Hamilton & Martin, 2007).
The article tries to focus upon the fact that it is significant for the nurses to communicate with the patients by making use of diverse skills in order to ensure the patients that the health care practitioners are there to help the patients both psychologically and physically taking into account the patient’s state of health. The article also tries to identify that the patients must be given chance to express their fears, worries, anxiety, and concerns if any so that the healthcare professionals are able to identify the root cause of the problems prevailing with the patient (Hamilton & Martin, 2007).
It is significant for the nurses to identify that providing the patients with information needs to be goal-directed activity. The intentions behind the interaction with the patients need to be identified. If such intentions can be identified by the practitioners then they will be capable of evaluating the efficiency of their contact with the patient.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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