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The Development of a Single Global Culture Will Benefit Humankind - Coursework Example

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This paper "The Development of a Single Global Culture Will Benefit Humankind" discusses the political and economic realities that ask for the development of stronger and more global governance structures. These global structures will also have the responsibility of protecting the global culture…
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The Development of a Single Global Culture Will Benefit Humankind
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Extract of sample "The Development of a Single Global Culture Will Benefit Humankind"

Download file to see previous pages Social relations show spatial transformation across the world, encompassing both the hazardous and beneficial effects of globalization (Held,2000) and are marked by the intensification of communication flows (Cochrane and Paine, 2004). Such flows as an increase in broadcast activities, satellite channels, Internet, telephony, people to people contact, migration, and proliferation of transnational companies are playing an important role in the development of a single global culture. There is an emergence of diasporic and shared cultural forms across the world that are aided by increasingly porous national boundaries.

According to Cochrane and Paine (2004), the lives of people in one part of the world are affected by events, decisions, and actions taken elsewhere. With the worldwide sharing of ideas, increased people to people interaction, information, goods, and money, also goes on the obnoxious export and import of drugs, crime, sex, war, pollution, and terrorism. (Cochrane and Paine). Stiglitz (2002) quoted by Kelly and Prokhovik(, p105)

says, “the borderless world through which goods and services flow is also a borderless world through which other things can flow which are less positive.” (American Foreign Policy Association, 2002, p1). More the dismantling of trans-national barriers, the smoother is the trade of benevolent and evil mercantile. The authority of nation-states is on the wane; traditional social institutions are becoming redundant (Cochrane and Paine). “Where are we headed?” we ask ourselves. To a ‘runaway world’, fraught with change and uncertainty, answers, Giddens (1999) cited by Cochrane and Paine (2004).

Our inquiry about a single global culture also regresses from the teleological question of being beneficial or harmful to that of the deontological nature of good or bad for humankind. The definitions of globalization are far too many and marked by multiple characteristics. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Development of a Single Global Culture Will Benefit Humankind Coursework, n.d.)
The Development of a Single Global Culture Will Benefit Humankind Coursework.
(The Development of a Single Global Culture Will Benefit Humankind Coursework)
The Development of a Single Global Culture Will Benefit Humankind Coursework.
“The Development of a Single Global Culture Will Benefit Humankind Coursework”.
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