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Ethical Dilemma, Professional Organizations Issue Rules and Regulations - Assignment Example

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"Ethical Dilemma, Professional Organizations Issue Rules and Regulations" paper states that ethics and duty are intertwined although duty is superior to ethics. Ethical dilemmas may haunt a person but the true value of human life can be accomplished only when he fulfills his duties as a human being…
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Ethical Dilemma, Professional Organizations Issue Rules and Regulations
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Download file to see previous pages The Samaritan in the Holy Bible was also just another passer-by like the trekkers in SADHU but he behaved unlike these trekkers and also did not ignore his duties as a human being. The priest and the temple assistant are supposed to be in service of the Lord but they did not understand that to serve another human being is the biggest service to the lord. The Samaritan, despite his schedules, spent time and effort in providing comfort to a dying man. He fulfilled his duty by bringing him back to the inn on his own donkey, and while departing ensured that the Jew was fully taken care of. The actors in SADHU did show some concern but only to the extent, their schedules were not hampered.

Being ethical is to be dutiful and responsible. To be ethical is to follow the goals in life. No single individual was willing to shoulder the responsibility and found an easy way out by passing it on to the others. The group was not coherent and did not share common goals. To reduce the burden of guilt, each individual contributed in some way but nobody was willing to sacrifice his goal to save the SADHU. This demonstrates that people had belief in their own core values but when it came to taking a tough stand, they were ambiguous. In ethics, there can be no place for ambiguity. Being indecisive and unethical under stressful conditions represents the failure of human duties and responsibilities.

Individual values and needs are ignored. People look for a support system to help others. The Samaritan had none but nevertheless, carried on with his duties unhampered, unaffected. The Sherpa Sirdar was focused on his duty to reach the group to the mountain top and ignored the calls from within. Duty is supreme but not beyond ethics, not above human life. People look for contingency plans to deal with unexpected situations. The Samaritan did not have any contingency plans drawn up but responded to the calls of duty. The group on the mountains may have been multicultural and tried to console themselves using this as a scapegoat or suppress their guilt. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Ethical Dilemma, Professional Organizations Issue Rules and Assignment, n.d.)
Ethical Dilemma, Professional Organizations Issue Rules and Assignment.
(Ethical Dilemma, Professional Organizations Issue Rules and Assignment)
Ethical Dilemma, Professional Organizations Issue Rules and Assignment.
“Ethical Dilemma, Professional Organizations Issue Rules and Assignment”.
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