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Group of the Middle Classes in Modern Britain - Coursework Example

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The paper "Group of the Middle Classes in Modern Britain" describes that the middle class in Britain is not expanding but rather getting reduced as the expansion of the middle class is taking place in such that many of them may now be considered more as working-class than the middle class…
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Extract of sample "Group of the Middle Classes in Modern Britain"

Download file to see previous pages The middle class as the name suggests is a class of society, whose members neither belongs to the upper class nor the class. This definition is the easiest but is so vague that it hardly means anything. Turning back the pages of history the middle class initially constituted the members of society that were concerned with the trade functions in townships, with the upper class being the nobility and landed gentry the lower class the peasants that worked on the lands. A clear distinction based not so much on the wealth of the members of society. The gradual erosion of the nobility and industrialisation causing a new set of workers, besides those employed on the lands, necessarily meant changes in the classification and these tended to be based on the professional aspect of the individual. The element of earning capacity was slowly creeping into the definition of the middle class in Britain. In the United States of America, a class distinction has always been based on the earnings of the individual and this has been reflected in a lesser manner in Britain, where the experience of nobility, gentry and peasantry has still not totally faded away. Industrialisation only increased the size of the segments of society that fell under the various professional categories that were considered middle class and did not remove the merging of the end of the spectrum with the other classes of society. (Loftus, D. 2001. The Rise of the Victorian Middle Class).
To ease the difficulty in defining the middle class in these modern times, it would be useful to look at the manner in which Max Webber and Karl Marx viewed this class of society. The common ground for both Webber and Marx is their agreement that wealth and economic advantage form the basis of the classes in society. A group of people that share a similar economic status with respect to occupation, income and ownership of wealth may be considered as belonging to a class of society, according to Webber. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Critically assess how far the concept of a single middle class has Coursework, n.d.)
Critically assess how far the concept of a single middle class has Coursework.
(Critically Assess How Far the Concept of a Single Middle Class Has Coursework)
Critically Assess How Far the Concept of a Single Middle Class Has Coursework.
“Critically Assess How Far the Concept of a Single Middle Class Has Coursework”.
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