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Summary of 20 Hours in America Season 4 of West Wing - Assignment Example

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The writer of the essay "Summary of 20 Hours in America Season 4 of West Wing" suggests that "20 Hours in America" is a clear demonstration that not everybody can get what he or she wants, but America is made for the Americans who believe in America…
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Summary of 20 Hours in America Season 4 of West Wing
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Extract of sample "Summary of 20 Hours in America Season 4 of West Wing"

Download file to see previous pages He is later presented with the news about the efforts made by the Qumar Government to launch an inquiry into the plane crash they instigated. Thoughts race through his seemingly disturbed mind until his confidant assures him about the successful cover-up on the events preceding the plane crash. The drama plays out when Qumar releases a false claim that the crash was instigated by a false flag operation that aimed at fuelling tensions between the Americans and the Israelis. In a show of solidarity, the President’s confidants agree with the report, further dismissing them as false evidence despite their knowledge of what transpired. Furthermore, Bartlet finds a secretary, while CJ introduces Anthony to a big brother, Charlie. After Simon’s death, Anthony’s mentorship was gone. Deeper into the episode, a report is unveiled of two pipe bomb explosions. The tragedy occurred during a college fun day, thus killing and injuring 44 and 100 people respectively. The news of the tragic event sent chills in the administration. This presented a perfect chance for Sam to tailor a speech for this tragic development. He writes a motivational and inspirational that the President delivers. The speech was apolitical, made to express the need for healing within the nation. The episode ends with a shot of DC sunrise. Donna, Josh, and Toby alight from their shuttle bus and walk to work. They forget about the on-going elections. They are embroiled in discussing the ideal structure and responsibility of the American government. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Summary of 20 Hours in America Season 4 of West Wing Assignment)
Summary of 20 Hours in America Season 4 of West Wing Assignment.
“Summary of 20 Hours in America Season 4 of West Wing Assignment”, n.d.
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