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Tension between Idealism and Naturalism - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Tension between Idealism and Naturalism” the author gives description of the tension between the terms idealism and naturalism that exist in the works such as Hermes with young Dionysus. Hermes is a Roman style of the Idealized Greek sculpture…
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Tension between Idealism and Naturalism
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Extract of sample "Tension between Idealism and Naturalism"

Tension between Idealism and Naturalism Tension between Idealism and Naturalism of the tension between the terms idealism and naturalism that exist in the works such as Hermes with young Dionysus
Idealism defines the stage of philosophical processes revealing that reality is dependent upon the human mind, and no world exists beyond the human mind. Major biblical ideology about idealism is the concentration it has on human minds some idealists believe that God’s mind is the definition of reality. Hermes is a Roman style of the Idealized Greek sculpture created during the first half of the second century CE. The involved sculptor created Hermes to depict the importance of the religious figure in Greek society during the early first and second centuries (In Robinson et al, 2015). In the creation of the sculpture, the sculptor uses various stylistic techniques and components in the creation of his sculpture. The stylistic elements include idealism, wet drapery and lack of expression to define the importance of the figure to indicate its significance to Greek society.
Naturalism involves the observation of science and relevant impact of it to the society. Naturalism is an ideology that everything in the universe is a product of physical stuff or nature. It shows that there is nothing supernatural in the world, and everything could be explained using application of hard and soft sciences. It is a method of truth-seeking within the society and has an impact on the public policy. It doesn’t mean the denial of human spirituality but an embrace of real spirituality. Naturalism clashes with idealism in the sense that, it suggests humans are like stardust and their atoms exchanged with the rest of the Earth system. It connects humans to nature and shows the sense of its feeling to the universe.
The greatest Greek artist Praxiteles used the idealism to explain the charm of his work to the society by representing the god Hermes holding the young Dionysus on his arm playing with him. The idea shows the Greek art expansion within a short period. In Praxiteles works, there are no traces of rigidity but depicts that god stands before us in a relaxed pose that does not impair his dignity. Praxiteles shows the society the hinges of the body to improve the understanding and clarity of his work.
He wants to bring to bring to reality in his idealistic styles the impression of a living body in all its grace and beauty. It is important to understand that Praxiteles and other Greek artists achieved the Hermes beauty through knowledge. Hence a quote “no living body quite as symmetrical, well-built and beautiful as those of the Greek status”. Praxiteles is infusing more life into the ancient husks and in this time there existed benefits from the works.
Probably it could be because of the more idealistic features he incorporated in the creation of his artwork that motivated the human charm and interest. The naturalistic view on Hermes depicts the use of the scientific knowledge in the dexterous carvings to produce skilful sculptor representing the real human being.”Greeks were healthier or more beautiful than other men”. It is the indication that the sculptor must have had intelligent techniques and methods to show the attributes of his work to the society.
In Robinson, J., In Peck, D. A., & McLaren, B. D. (2015). Irreconcilable differences: Fostering dialogue among philosophy, theology, and science. Read More
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