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In the paper “Abortion Laws And Ethics in Research” the author analyzes a case of a 17 year old catholic girl who comes for advice on abortion. The girl is a minor and abortion can only be considered with the parents consent. This judgment is based on the US laws. …
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Abortion Laws And Ethics in Research
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Abortion Laws And Ethics in Research al Affiliation Abortion Laws And Ethics in Research Part Cindy, a 17 year old catholic girl who comes for advice on abortion should be prohibited from aborting first because of her religious background. Second, the girl is a minor and abortion can only be considered with the parents consent. Thirdly, with the parent’s knowledge, abortion should only be carried out in the 1st trimester. However, if the pregnancy is in the second trimester, abortion should only be carried out for medical reasons in order to save the life of the mother after considering the health of the mother. This also applies in the third pregnancy where the life of the child should come first in case of imminent danger.
This judgment is based on the US laws sine abortion in the US was not wholly allowed by the law. However, the decisions in the Roe v. Wade can be used to guide the case. In this case, a couple, a mother and a doctor were involved in a case whereby the 14th Amendment was used to argue in favor of the woman who sought to abort their child. However, the case was not argued in favor of the doctor who performed the abortion since abortion is a crime except when the mother of the child is in a medical danger. Based on the proceedings of this case, the doctor’s decisions on whether to carry on with the abortion or not was only valid during the first trimester. However, abortion in other trimesters was dependent on the mother’s health meaning that pregnancy could be terminated only to save the life of the mother (Mcbride, 2007).
Part 2
The Tuskegee Syphilis research, which was conducted some decades back cannot be conducted today because the research endangers the lives of the participants and also discriminates participants based on gender.
The public, which knew about the study, should have protested given that they have activism power to do so.
The research is totally unethical since research ethics demands that a research that endangers the lives of the participants is not ethically right. In addition, full consent of the participants should also be sought.
Mcbride, A. (2007). Roe v. Wade (1973). Pbs. Available online. Read More
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Abortion Laws And Ethics in Research Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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