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Main factors in Europe used to lure human to be trafficked are better marriage, job, gold, or education and in rare cases kidnapped if they resist. Although it is a…
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Human traficking
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Human Trafficking al Affiliation) Human trafficking is the modern form of enslaving people with an aim of benefiting fromthe trafficked people. Main factors in Europe used to lure human to be trafficked are better marriage, job, gold, or education and in rare cases kidnapped if they resist. Although it is a serious crime people, still take part and involve in them (Kligman & Limoncelli, 2005)
Types of human trafficking
In Europe human trafficking cases was due to the push of sexual exploitation. Mostly women were deceived and coaxed to be recruited into sexual prostitution in countries abroad. Human trafficking mostly women were due sex trade in countries. Women and young girls may engage in prostitution in their accord and is mostly not a mandatory involvement(Kligman & Limoncelli, 2005).
Another type of human trafficking is immigration purposes where many people wished to join other countries. Countries in Europe like German are prime countries, and many people want to enter the (Kligman & Limoncelli, 2005). Statistics shows that over thousands of people were trafficked to and away ofEastern Europe. Most countries that had less Visa regulation made more people be trafficked into the country because trafficker could freely roam across the countries border.
Poverty and low economic level in our society mostly faces women. From a statistic carried out it showed that the number of women being unemployed keeps raising this had pushed women to search for low paying jobs. Most women, therefore, are exploiting new ways of making the ends meet leading them to be victims of human trafficking.

Push and pull factors
Push and pull factors are like gender discrimination where women are discriminated and seen as lesser beings. Pull factors like human trafficking are profitable businesses in many European countries (Kligman & Limoncelli, 2005). There should a complete shutdown of human trafficking in Europe. All underground ready markets for human trafficking are illegal.
Definition of human trafficking
The United Nations define human trafficking as the process of using threat, deception, fraud or coax people so that they can be recruited and transferred to the individual country. Trafficking is mostly due to the greed of money by traffickers so that they can have people to work as slaves, laborers or slaves in their host country. The humans trafficked are prone to be exploited so that their body organs can be removed and sold or given to an influential person (Kligman & Limoncelli, 2005).
Link between Socioeconomic and vulnerable victims
In Eastern Europe, socioeconomic factor links to vulnerable people in a number of ways. Vulnerable individuals in societies face challenging life and it leads to easy human trafficking. Vulnerable people were lured and promised marriage and thus were recruited and transported abroad. Most individuals find themselves victims of human trafficking because of the domestic services and good entertainment.
Small land tenure and high population pressuremade the less vulnerable in the society to be trafficked. Due to high population pressure in certain countries, it led to reduction of size of area that was productive making it easy for the less vulnerable to be deceived to be recruited and transported to other countries (Kligman & Limoncelli, 2005).
Other socioeconomic factorsaregender and equality. Most of the women are victims of human trafficking in Eastern Europecountries because of their position in the society. In the society, women were discriminated and thus it was easy for them to be coaxed or forcefully trafficked.
Legal enforcement
The European government and NGOs have come up with strategies that will help prevent, suppress, and punish people who are involved in human trafficking. The legal team has also come up with a law that safeguards trafficked people. The countries are assessed with the level of efforts they use in order to prevent human trafficking (Kligman & Limoncelli, 2005). Countries have no option but to comply with the set goal of preventing, protecting, and punishing the human
Creation of job opportunities and eradication of poverty in Eastern Europewill reduce the rate of human trafficking. Job opportunities will enable women and those dealing with human trafficking find a source of income therefore reducing the drive for human trafficking
Creating awareness to theEastern Europeans will help curb human trafficking in Europe. The government in conjunction with NGO groups in ensuring information on disadvantages reaches most people can promote this. Awareness to the society can be through church sermons, education programs, advertisements, which will educate both women and women of risks and more opportunities rather than trafficking(Kligman & Limoncelli, 2005).

Involvement in organized crimes and entrepreneur
It is also shocking that a number of those employed to monitor human trafficking in Eastern Europe have been involved in the business either as purchasers of the trafficked women or customers(Kligman & Limoncelli, 2005).Involvement in organized crimes and entrepreneur are people who are involved only in transits of people trafficked. SomeEastern Europe routes of human trafficking are only transportation routes and not a destination for trafficked people. These transit routes are involved in drug smuggling. A route like Bulgaria is only involved in human trafficking as a transit route.
Kligman, G., & Limoncelli, S. (2005). Trafficking Women after Socialism: To, Through, And From Eastern Europe (pp. 118–140). New York: Oxford University Press. Read More
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