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Final Constitution Project--the Country Of Houstatlantavegas - Assignment Example

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It gives the structure of government, ideals of the people as well as providing the law of the country. With an existence of the constitution, the people become very honest and vigilant to the…
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Final Constitution Project--the Country Of Houstatlantavegas
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Extract of sample "Final Constitution Project--the Country Of Houstatlantavegas"

Final Constitution for Houstatlantavegas s S/no. Role 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Article I: Thecountry’s name is Houstatlantavegas, and it shall be an independent nation with fifty affiliate states.
Article II: Objective
The purpose is to clarify the powers and role of both the government and the citizens. It gives the structure of government, ideals of the people as well as providing the law of the country. With an existence of the constitution, the people become very honest and vigilant to the government in place.
Article III: Citizenship
Houstatlantavegas citizen shall be her inhabitant who is legible to vote and exercise the rights and freedom of a freeman.
Article IV: National organization and Branches
The country has got three arms of government. These include legislative branch (Senate and House of Representatives), the executive branch (president, vice president and the cabinet) and the judicial branch (Supreme Court and other federal courts).
Article V: Powers of each branch
Legislature makes laws that shall be carried by the executive and finally evaluated by the judiciary.
Article VI: Elections
In the legislative branch, the citizens shall carry out a secret ballot exercise to elect the members of both houses. A Senate term will be four years while that of the house of representative is two years with both parties having unlimited number of terms they can serve. Both the president and the vice president shall be voted in by the citizens through free and secret ballot. The president will later nominate the cabinet and the Supreme Court justices who are eventually approved by the Senate. One shall have to attain the age of twenty -five years and been living in the country for at least seven years (Ritchie, 2006).
Each state shall elect two senators making a total of one hundred. There shall also be a total number of four hundred and thirty-five representatives distributed among all the states.
If a vacancy in the elective posts occurs, the executive in charge shall issue a notice within sixty days. If it happens to be the president, the vice president shall automatically be the President for the remaining period. A runoff election occurs in the case of tied votes for any level of elective post. The president shall be required to get twenty-five percent of the total votes in twenty-seven states. Any candidate who proved to have violated the election regulations shall automatically not participate, and one can cease to hold an office through a vote of no confidence by three-thirds of the house (Ritchie, 2006).
Article VII: Government Funding
The government shall majorly rely on taxes for its funding, and the federal state of revenue collection shall have the authority to conduct the exercise.
Article VIII Powers at Both Federal State
The powers of the federal state shall be to create the various executive departments the president shall be in charge of the military.
Article IX: Amendments
An amendment shall need the support of both senate and the house of representative.
Article X: Bill of Rights
Every citizen has the following rights:
Freedom of religion
Protection from illegal searches by the government
Freedom of movement and expression
Right to own weapons
Right to vote
Right to live
Right to have timely trial when convicted
Right to be given reasonable punishment
Right to education
Right to own property
Article XI: Budget
Citizens shall be taxed according to their level of income at a rate of two percent of the total earnings. The national budget shall include security, health, education, entertainment and food.
All citizens must follow the above stipulated Constitution to resist being caught along the corridors of justice.
Ritchie, D. (2006). Our Constitution. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Read More
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