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Policy - US Environmental Protection Agency about Energy use and opportunities for energy savings - Research Paper Example

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Personally, I strongly believe in the potential of our country to produce energy enough to sustain itself entirely and even have some to export to other nations for a substantial amount of income. Our country stands to gain more by the active intervention in the energy field…
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Policy Paper - US Environmental Protection Agency about Energy use and opportunities for energy savings
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Extract of sample "Policy - US Environmental Protection Agency about Energy use and opportunities for energy savings"

Download file to see previous pages We should also aim at making all our resources and energy at the same rate. Whenever energy efficiency chances are available to us, we should take the opportunity without thinking twice. Those with energy efficiency innovations should be encouraged and provided with the necessary support both financial and moral, the information that they later avail should always be made available at and if found important applied to the country’s economy. I encourage the harnessing of energy in the country and driving their availability and disclosure. Energy is the key to running a successful business, home and the country’s economy as a whole.
The government has often been seen to neglect the role of energy in the growth of the country’s economy. Energy reduction can play a great role in managing our country’s energy system. The measures that contribute to the reduction in the demand for energy can be applied in a more cost effective way than we can imagine. It meets our energy needs as well. Therefore, we should be proud of the innovations that are essential to achieving these courses. The country should be in a position to use the amount of energy that we need at a given time only. The amount of carbon emission can go down as well and thus aiding the achievement f our carbon budget. Homes in our country have been built and developed over several years with their energy efficiency varying from good to worst thus bringing many of these homes to the levels of being less worthwhile for investment. In the same line, it presents an enormous business opportunity and even goes as far as exporting to other external markets overseas. This strategy will be helpful in the country. These also set our ambition as a country clear and being able to identify the various barriers that we can face in our quest. We, therefore, stimulate our energy efficiency market as well as those we use within our country2.
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(Policy Paper - US Environmental Protection Agency about Energy Use and Research)
Policy Paper - US Environmental Protection Agency about Energy Use and Research.
“Policy Paper - US Environmental Protection Agency about Energy Use and Research”, n.d.
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