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Research Design and Case Study (Was Iraq War Handled Effectively) - Assignment Example

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I have decided to adopt a single case study design because it offers the best option for giving concrete answers as to whether the Iraq war was effectively managed. In order to answer the question accurately and thoroughly, a number of questions have to be raised which makes the…
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Research Design and Case Study (Was Iraq War Handled Effectively)
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"Research Design and Case Study (Was Iraq War Handled Effectively)"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, it offers the chance to examine the outcomes of the choices chosen by the U.S and its allies during and after the invasion and even after the evacuation of U.S troops from Iraq. Other factors include the decisions of the new regime to marginalize the Sunnis and the inefficiencies of the institutions of Iraq to handle matters of the nation.
The adoption of a case study will enable me to offer an analysis of both content and from a historical perspective. In addition, a case study offers the opportunity for structuring any future research on this topic while also providing a foundation for other researchers to further their knowledge on this topic and a chance to offer additional insight and information. A case study is the ideal research design technique because it is particularly helpful in analyzing institutions and structuring policy.
The analytical approach to be adopted is the congruence method based on typical conditions. The use of congruence analysis is the most appropriate approach because it places emphasis on formulating conclusions that are relevant to the goals of the study and because it enhances objectivity and reliability of the research. The case study chosen is “Wars of Decline: Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya” because it offers an opportunity to clearly investigate the factors listed above and is able to comprehensively explain the occurrence of a number of factors that are responsible for the mismanagement of the Iraq War.
“The Wars of Decline: Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya” provides an opportunity for the analysis of the management of the Iraq War. It provides a chance to analyze underlying factors that may have caused the mismanagement of the Iraq War. The Iraq War was as a response to the 9/11 bombings in Washington and New York by Al Qaeda militants. Al Qaeda had been responsible for a number of attacks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Research Design and Case Study (Was Iraq War Handled Effectively) Assignment)
Research Design and Case Study (Was Iraq War Handled Effectively) Assignment.
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