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Hot Topic for Legal and Ethical Issues - Assignment Example

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Although it has been established that the autonomous weapons are important for the society as they are effective (Horowitz, 2015). However, they have their shortcomings in…
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Hot Topic for Legal and Ethical Issues
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Hot topic for legal and ethical issues Affiliation Hot topics for legal and ethical issues Keeping Killer Robots on a Tight Leash
April 14, 2015
By Paul Scharre and Michael Horowitz
Autonomous weapons have raised ethical and legal issues where some people think it is not a good thing. Although it has been established that the autonomous weapons are important for the society as they are effective (Horowitz, 2015). However, they have their shortcomings in the sense that, when they cause harm it is grievous. Therefore, before they are acknowledge they should be well accepted in the society.
Ex-NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Convicted of Murder
April 15, 2015
The former New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of first-degree murder where he got life imprisonment without parole. This shows that despite the amount of money he was earning as an athlete justice was served because of the action he took to murder his sister’s boyfriend (TIME, 2015). Although the society is said to be a man eat man society, in this case, the family of Odin Lloyd got justice.
Sexual harassment and racism
By Stella Chan and Jason Hanna
June 4, 2014
Sterling has been found to be on the worn side of the law again as a suit was filed against him for sexual harassment and racism. Strict measures should be taken against him because he seems not learn any lesson (Hanna, 2014). The lawsuit that has been brought against States asks for more than $ 1 billion and for him to sell his franchise Additionally, his mental status has been a question because of his age.
1. William Cox
Jan 18, 2015
Although one player may cause harm to rest of them, in this case, the team did not have to suffer the actions of Jerry Sandusky And for that reason, it is good that the wins went back in the Columns. However, this is a lesson to the rest of the players that they should be well behaved during the games.
2. William Cox
It is good that you have informed or shed light on the misreported data that should be included in the report. This is because misreported data has caused many problems to the public institutions that should always have accurate data to ensure that they work towards achieving the goals of the institution. Therefore, this post is important and insightful.
3. Anthony Cohen
Feb 5, 2015
Someone would have thought that racism is a thing of the past until this letter was written showing clearly that racism is still among the people. It is a shame that during this time people still have the strength to look down upon other people based on their race. People should have respect for the Constitution of the United States and treat others as their equals regardless of their social status, Race, sex or creed.
4. Maram Alrashed
Corporal punishment does not encourage any individual but rather hardens them more defiant. This is because they understand that even in instances where they try to do well they will always be found to be in the wrong. For that reason, corporal punishment should not be advocated. Other means should be used to9 help the offenders realize their mistakes and correct them. It is unethical and illegal to use corporal punishment on any individual be it a child or a prisoner.
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