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Discuss historical facts and incidents that have changed the world over the past five years - Research Paper Example

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It is fundamental to note that there is no any century in recorded history which has experienced so many social and political transformations and such far-reaching ones as the 21st century. It is worth to note that some social and political changes have triggered civil wars,…
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Discuss historical facts and incidents that have changed the world over the past five years
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Extract of sample "Discuss historical facts and incidents that have changed the world over the past five years"

Download file to see previous pages In history, ever since 1970, only in 2013 that we experienced peak global terrorist activity in the world (Primakov, 2014, N.p). The press, politicians, and the public self-motive have promulgated and propagated civil wars, genocides, mass tortures, ethnic and race clashes, and holocausts. All this coldhearted acts of this century are insinuated by the headline-making political events, which have transformed not only the economy but also the society and the political entity we live in. For that reason, I am not embarrassed at averring that private interests purported by the press, politicians, and the public has gathered more courage to influence the policymaking process and our live in general. Consequently, the press and public have become less responsive due to large sums of cash used by the politician to influencing our political system. In relation to that, we can say that same people from the public and the press are eyeing for a fair shot to improve their lives and move skyward. Therefore, we shall candidly try to use some historical facts and incidents that have occurred over the past five year to explain how politics has influence all ways of life thus resulting to changes social, political, and economic arena.
It is so an unfortunate to note that politics is about life and governments make decisions that influence our day-to-day life. Therefore, lack of strong political system and political legitimacy are more influential in explaining the rise of the terrorist organization such as such as ISIL (Deash), Boko Haram, and Al Shabaab. You can agree with me that if the government of the day failed effusively to address the end of gross physical right abuse, group grievances and nosedive to improve the access to justice and the rule of law. There is a high possibility for the rise of potential and unexpected acts of mass violence ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Discuss Historical Facts and Incidents That Have Changed the World Research Paper.
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