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To date, controversy is still evident on how earlier thought criminals end up found innocent through innocence project’s studies after the determination of their respective cases (“Innocent Project”). This is through studying their DNA besides other ways whereby to date…
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202#3 To controversy is still evident on how earlier thought criminals end up found innocent through innocence project’s studies after the determination of their respective cases (“Innocent Project”). This is through studying their DNA besides other ways whereby to date they approximate 329 incidents cleared and proved void; hence saving respective victims from serving unfair and long sentences (“Innocent Project”). Mainly, the organization’s mode of conducting its activities encompasses reviewing post-conviction through DNA determination. Through this approach, many innocent and wrongly convicted have managed to regain their freedom, which could not have been that easy. However, those confirmed guilty though to them being a difficult situation, I think ought to serve own respective sentences. Alternatively, if the sentences were lighter compared to what they are serving the respective authorities can review them to mention the appropriate sentences.
2. Do you think that criminal insanity is viable? Why or why not?
Yes. I believe this is because many who find themselves in situations of this calibre do not exactly expound their actions similar to a reasonable person. However, legal systems due to their overreliance to psychiatrists’ reports, which may not reflect exact state of the involved party, end up convicted them unfairly (“Psyche Truth”) Since what most of them undergo is much and end up unmentioned or altogether disregarded by those supposed to help them lodge their cases. This is due to relying to psychiatrists who may err in undertaking their roles despite the legal system having numerous statutes claimed to protect each person based on his or her one is experiencing especially the ill patients who might have involved themselves in any wrongdoing.
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“Innocent Project.” Web. 25Th March 2015. Psyche Truth. “Criminal Insanity, Psychiatry & The Legal System.” You Tube. YouTube, LL, 12Th April 2009. Web. 25Th March 2015. Read More
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202#3 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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