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In some cases, for instance, people express their feelings the way they want but, in the long run, they end up hurting other people’s emotions. In…
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Political Correctness
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Choice of Words Living in a free society where people are governed by fundamental freedoms such as freedom of speech has its pros and cons. In some cases, for instance, people express their feelings the way they want but, in the long run, they end up hurting other people’s emotions. In today’s society, people need each other in one way or another. Individuals should, therefore, be fearful that wording choice might be offensive since, at one point, one might need help from the same people they offend. The situation is termed as ‘too far’ when words cause pain and emotional distress to other to the extent of feeling doubtful and intimidated.
Protecting the rights of minorities is important due to external factors such as gender and race in relation to the use of offensive words. Moreover, not everyone reacts to situations, in the same way. Some people are more irritable than others (Uelmen 1). Sometimes, things get out of hand leading to dangerous fights or bitterness that leads to revenge. Choice of words should be based on the relationship between individuals and the situation at hand. While some people might entertain jokes, some may interpret them as being offensive.
The dynamics of choosing words vary depending on the situation. It is better to avoid offensive words because the mood in which people might be in is sometimes unpredictable. On the other hand, maintaining a stand in terms of being able to say yes or no is usually the right thing to do. Saying no can and should be accompanied by the right choice of words. Disagreeing with something does not imply that people should offend others. Being fearful on the choice of words is not a sign of weakness as some may interpret. It is an implication that besides being mindful and respectful, people regard others with high dignity.
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Uelmen, Gerald. “The Price of Free Speech: Campus Hate Speech Codes.” Santa Clara: Santa Clara University, 2014. Read More
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Political Correctness Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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