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The voters had an opportunity to vote on how to treat future murder case, as well as the past convicted cases. The prop was put on vote, and it was geared to take effect if…
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California Government
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Proposition 34: Death Penalty Repeal The death penalty proposition was proposed to end a sentence with death as a punishment in California. The voters had an opportunity to vote on how to treat future murder case, as well as the past convicted cases. The prop was put on vote, and it was geared to take effect if passed on the following day of the election. The pro aims to put the inmate who are on death throw to a life imprisonment without a chance and possibility of parole.
The proponent of the proposition argues that the death sentence does not deter criminally from committing murder. Therefore, the punishment for murder is an inhumane way of treating criminals who may have committed crime out of their control or by accident. I do agree that the death penalty should be abolished and substituted by other punishments. One of the most effective way of punishing murder criminal is by imprisoning then for life to prevent them committing crime again, but also they provide services that contribute to their upkeep and paying for restitution.
The proposition was fronted by a member of the public, Jeanne Woodford (KCET 1). I do agree with Woodford that prop 34 will a lot of funds that will go to law enforcement officer to counter crime in the State. For example, California has on record used $4 billion in managing death penalty since 1978. It is expensive managing murder cases than life imprisonment (KCET 1).
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