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Kevin has been presented with an allegation that he takes 50% more time to complete the audit work than the person who was there before him. Hence, CPA firm Stooges LLP has to charge its clients more, which risks losing them. If Kevin…
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Charging Time
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01 February Charging Time The main question is, what should Kevin do? Kevin has been presented with an allegation that he takes 50% more time to complete the audit work than the person who was there before him. Hence, CPA firm Stooges LLP has to charge its clients more, which risks losing them. If Kevin takes the work home and completes it without charging it to the job, it will be that the firm will not charge the clients more. Hence, there will be no risk of losing any customer. At the same time, the quality of the audit work will not be compromised and the partners in charge indicate that it is up to Kevin to determine how to raise the productivity in the audits. Thus, Kevin’s independent moral duty is not compromised by taking the audit work home (Martocchio and Laio 222). At the same time, the consequence of losing clients is nullified by the fact that Kevin chooses not to charge the firm or the client for his time (Martocchio and Laio 222). Thus, Kevin should take the work home and not charge it to the job.
If I were Kevin, it would be prudent to first increase my rate of audit work in order to cut on the time I use. The reason being, it will indicate an acceptance and a change in attitude to my work. Secondly, I would then work overtime and not charge the firm or client for this time. Doing so would prevent complacency by taking the remaining work with me home and ensure that all the day’s work is complete before I leave. On meeting 30 days later, I would explain my position to Bo and Moe as one in which I have taken action and made tremendous improvements in cutting down the time used in the audits. Hence, I deserve to remain in my position as I took their concerns positively and effected measures as evidenced by my actions.
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Martocchio, Joseph and Hui Laio. Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management. Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing, 2009. Read More
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