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People were paying either in cash or even battered for services. However, the systems were not effective. After medicine became more sophisticated, there was a need for a more effective system that would cater for the needs of the…
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The future of healthcare financing
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Future of Heath Care Financing Initially, health care was uncomplicated. People were paying either in cash or even battered for services. However, the systems were not effective. After medicine became more sophisticated, there was a need for a more effective system that would cater for the needs of the population. This was after the World War II when the current finance system started to surface. This resulted from wage and price controls which forced the employers to use health insurance in order to attract the subordinates (Penner 87). In addition, the demand for high quality health care forced the health facilities to invest heavily on the modern technology.
With many driving forces affecting the market, e.g. consumerism and internet, various alternative health care financing companies have emerged. With the market looking for new solutions, the future of health care financing will be embedded on e-health plans. Technology has become an important aspect towards the changes being experienced in the sector (Schimpff 109). Many e-plans are likely to arise in order to cater for the increasing demand for reliable health care. In addition, many multinational companies are likely to shift into the health care sector in order to tap in the increasing profits. This will aim at reducing the risks and uncertainties associated with concentrating on a single market.
The future of health care will be characterized by an effective relationship between the patients and the health care providers. Initially, the relationship did not exist. However, over the past few years, the relationship between the patients and doctors has improved tremendously. This is creating a base for the future health care financing. Doctors will be an important source of information on the best health care plan. This will play a significant role in enhancing the treatment process.
Economists estimates that the hospital prices for privately insured patients will continue to rise especially in the consolidated markets. They forecast that providers will maximize their revenues through excessive use of imaging, testing, and specialty care. Therefore, in future, the government will have to intervene in order to prevent overexploitation of the population by the health care providers who are leaning more on profit maximization rather than service delivery (Cleverley, James and Paula 56). This move will be forced by the widening disparity on prices between various health sectors.
The future of health financing will be characterized by effective systems. The health care providers will be more business minded. As a result, they will ensure that they provide high quality services to the people in order to attract more customers. Currently, numerous complaints have been raised concerning the effectiveness of the financing system (Cleverley, James and Paula 56). Therefore, as more people continue to enroll for the financing option, the insurers will also invest in high qualified personnel in order to improve their competitiveness in the market.
In conclusion, the future of health care financing looks bright. More areas will be streamlined, an aspect that will improve service delivery to the people. In addition, competition will keep the financiers on their toes. This will benefit the population.
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