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He offers an overview of globalization in the inseparable dimensions including: culture, politics, finance, technology, ecology and national security (Friedman 50). Throughout his work, we…
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Lexus company not Evil
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Lexus Company not evil Globalization as described by Thomas Friedman is a phenomenon molded by global capitalism. He offers an overview of globalization in the inseparable dimensions including: culture, politics, finance, technology, ecology and national security (Friedman 50). Throughout his work, we are able to see how globalization, as a factor, is not evil and whatever company employing the strategy should not be considered evil. He uses his personal reminiscences that are based on the interview he has attended with politicians and business leaders from all over the world to communicate his perspective on what he believes is going on around this globe (Friedman 52).
He suggests that key danger to the olive tree, which he shows to represent everything that locates roots or anchors us, can come from the Lexus (car) which he shows to represent all the anonymous, homogenizing, transnational, standardizing market forces as well as technology, all which make up the current globalizing economic system. The lexus company should not be termed evil because, the company uses the globalization strategies that are clearly seen and perceived even by its clients (Friedman 59). The Lexus Company’s democratizations have changed their operational strategies, greatly, leading to the perceptions of them being evil in some way. The company’s democratization of finance affects its democratization of technology, which in turn changes the whole operation of the company and how it invests. In short, Lexus has opened their markets and has implemented fiscal policies, all being in line, hence their survival in this globalization age (Friedman 60). As Friedman suggests in his book, globalization is a force acting throughout the globe, impersonally, like evil, and therefore implementation of globalization strategy should not be a perception of evil (Friedman 60).
Friedman, Thomas. The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization. Picador: New York, 1999. Read More
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