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Recreational Drug Use Negatively Affects Society - Research Paper Example

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This paper presents the problem of recreational drugs which are commonly used nowadays for pleasure. They are chemical substances that are taken for enjoyment and not for medical reasons. These drugs are used by people to make them feel relaxed, to get rid of depression, or for leisure purposes. …
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Recreational Drug Use Negatively Affects Society
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Extract of sample "Recreational Drug Use Negatively Affects Society"

Download file to see previous pages From the report it is clear that recreational drugs include many kinds of drugs which can be legal or illegal. The use of recreational drugs in a society can cause several economic effects as people commonly start spending about one-fourth of their income in drugs, and utilize their savings, thus lowering their standards of living. In recent years, the overall economy of the American society has tremendously lowered as there is an increase in the usage of recreational drugs. The drugs industry is making high profits and it surely benefits their market as some drugs are highly expensive and once people are addicted to them, they buy them excessively to fulfill their needs. The more profits the drugs industry makes, the more risks of drugs smuggling, illegal selling and possession of drugs, and access use of controlled drugs will increase causing social, economic, and psychological problems.
This paper highlights that people often start taking recreational drugs to divert their minds from their life problems or to gain some pleasure. Drugs are often successful in providing peace to the disturbed person and allowing him to forget all his worries for a while. This attracts people to use them more often, hence creating an addiction. Most people first get addicted to this feeling, then physically addicted, as it becomes a need for the body to calm down and feel good. Drug addicts are fifty percent more likely to commit crimes such as robbery and stealing, only for the purpose of buying more drugs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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