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Ethical Decision Making and Ethical Leadership - Coursework Example

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As you highlighted in your initial email, you recently received a gift card as an invitation to an expensive restaurant. This offer came from a customer whom you had helped…
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Ethical Decision Making and Ethical Leadership
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Extract of sample "Ethical Decision Making and Ethical Leadership"

Ethical Decision Making and Ethical Leadership Ethical Decision Making and Ethical Leadership Mr. David Smith ABC Company Department of insight
125 Broadway
Phone: (000) 254-4687
Mary Johnstone
Customer Care Department
ABC Company
125 Broadway
I am writing this letter in response to your question concerning the ethical dilemma you are facing. As you highlighted in your initial email, you recently received a gift card as an invitation to an expensive restaurant. This offer came from a customer whom you had helped previously. I realize that you are well aware of what the company’s code of ethics highlights about this matter. As you mentioned, the company does not accept you to accept gifts from customers. Notably, the code of ethics does not specify that employees should only avoid expensive gifts. I understand your current dilemma, and I am glad that you are seeking further insight into the issue.
The Kohlberg Model is of critical importance in this situation as it can help you analyze the level of ethics you should exhibit. Although the issue at hand deals with accepting a small gift from a customer, my advice to you will be applicable in other situations in the future. As an employee who has worked for the company for a long time, it is important to begin appreciating the universal ethical principle that Kohlberg described in stage 6 of his model. There is a need for an individual to examine any action in a categorical manner before proceeding with it (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2013). When acting in conformity to this stage, an individual will be displaying moral maturity because he or she will do what is right not because they are afraid of punishment, but because they realize that it is the right thing to do. In your current situation, accepting a gift from a customer even if it is of a small value is a contravention of the company’s code of ethics. In addition, universal business ethics do not promote such behavior. Therefore, I hope you will reconsider the company’s code of ethics as well as the universal ethical principles in your effort to exhibit ethical behavior in the current situation. Notably, if you act in accordance in accordance with the sixth stage of Kohlberg Model, you will realize that it will be much easier to make ethical decisions in the future (Klikauer, 2012).
Attached find more details of the Kohlberg’s Model. I hope you will find time to go through it and appreciate the value of acting in accordance with stage six. Thank you in advance.
Mr. David Smith
Department of Insight.
Ferrell, O L., Fraedrich, J. & Ferrell, L. (2013). Business Ethics and Social Responsibility. Mason, OH: South -Western Cengage Learning.
Klikauer, T. (2012). The Ethics of Employment Relations and Human Resource Management: Kohlbergs Seven Levels of Morality. New Zealand Journal Of Employment Relations, 37(2), 1-20. Read More
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