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Ethical dilemma about the same sex marriage - Research Paper Example

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It is because of this that the unethical condition may be elevated to the much higher level than it is actually is; perverting…
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Ethical dilemma about the same sex marriage
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Extract of sample "Ethical dilemma about the same sex marriage"

Download file to see previous pages Two people belonging to the same sex getting marriage do not cause any sort of harm to the society. Society that does not give the permission to the gay people to get married is not saving the people from any harm but is causing the renunciation of basic human rights which hence is unethical. Both these concepts are considered to be the conditions of ethics. However, a society denying the rights of gay people to get married is unethical.
It is a fact that gay marriages do affect the purity of the cultural concepts, the religious scholars, the sanctity regarding the natural human intimacy, etc. Some of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish extremists think that it is against their faith for the people belonging to same sex to have lustful and loving feelings for one another. The Christian extremist going back to the bible may quote that Our Creator finds it unacceptable to go against the law of nature. The book of Genesis states that God has created a man for a woman and a woman for a man and it cannot be other way around. Most of the faiths also agree to the fact that the primary purpose of marriage is reproduction, which however cannot take place naturally in the same sex marriages (Benson, 2013).
There are some of the religious scholars that do support the gay marriages by stating that God condemns such marriages only when it is based on lust not love. Some of the supporters of gay marriages also say that the story of creation present in the religious books is more symbolic than real. In the modern world there are a large group of people which think that marriage is more about love and understanding than starting a new family, so therefore they do not considered gay marriage an unethical issue (Cline, 2013).
There are people who do not belong to any faith yet they consider gay marriages being unethical because they feel that it is wrong for the people belonging to the same sex to be in any kind of relationship. This is because ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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