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Politics is a contentious issue that affects the daily lives of citizens, stability of businesses as well as a nation’s reputation in the global scene. Aristotle who is commonly referred to as one of the founders of political science stated that politics is the correct order…
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Analyzing an article
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Module How does the Conflict with the Palestinians Affect Israels Democracy? Politics is a contentious issue that affects the daily lives of citizens, stability of businesses as well as a nation’s reputation in the global scene. Aristotle who is commonly referred to as one of the founders of political science stated that politics is the correct order of the society and the soul (Smith 24). Comparative politics is an important concept that applies to modern-day politics. This is because it makes a comparison and contrast of why citizens around the world may end up making similar choices under diverse political rules and environment. It also compares why they make different decisions under comparable political environments. This concept applies to the case of Palestine and Israel.
An analysis of the article reveals that the ‘Palestine’ effect has a negative impact on democracy in Israel. It is stated that this influence results in the erosion of skeptical intelligence, moral judgments as well as logical reasoning. Israel is the only Jewish state and has a relatively stable political and economic environment. However, the instability that is experienced in Palestine adversely impacts on Israel. Although the two countries have different political rules the citizens end up making similar decision owing to the ‘Palestine effect’. Furthermore, it can be observed that Palestine attacks Israel as a way of getting the world to sympathize with them. They attack and capture their soldiers knowing very well that Israel’s retaliatory attacks will affect innocent citizens and this gets the world on their side. It can therefore be concluded that the war between Palestine and Iraq has a negative impact on democracy in Israel (Smith 14). Israel faces an ugly future lest it can a lasting peace solution.
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Smith, Charles D. Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict:[A history with documents]. Bedford/St. Martins, 2010. Print. Read More
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Analyzing an Article Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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