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Unit 8 Seminar Legal & Ethics - Research Paper Example

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According to Corey, Corey &Callanan (2010), there are special exceptions to the confidentiality principle, for example, in case of a…
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Unit 8 Seminar Legal & Ethics
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Informed consent and confidentiality in family therapy al affiliation Informed consent and confidentiality in family therapy
Therapists are bound by professional standards to maintain confidentiality with regard to information shared by clients during therapy sessions. According to Corey, Corey &Callanan (2010), there are special exceptions to the confidentiality principle, for example, in case of a court order. However, balancing confidentiality with couples and family therapy can be very tricky, especially if some individuals want the therapist to keep their secrets.
On one hand, the therapist wants to maintain individual confidentiality but on the other, the therapist knows that the keeping of secrets is detrimental to good relationships. To strike a balance, the therapist should carefully weigh the repercussions of keeping the secret (Bass &Quimby, 2006). If the therapist thinks that revealing the secret will be for the greater benefit of everyone, then they should inform the individual who revealed the secret of their intention to reveal it.
It is the role of family therapists to ensure that they provide their clients with sufficient informed consent. The informed consent document must contain information such as the nature of the therapy process, the fees charged, the involvement of any third parties, the expected duration of the treatment process, and the circumstances and which confidentiality might not be assured (Corey, Corey &Callanan, 2010). In addition, if the therapist is using non-established procedures, the therapist should inform the client of the nature and progress of the treatment, the risks involved, and the availability of alternative treatments.
To ensure full understanding on the part of the client, the therapist should have face to face discussions with the clients and explain the contents of the document. Leaving the client to read the document and assuming that they understand the contents is ethically wrong. They should be certain that the client is fully acquainted with the processes involved in the treatment process in a direct conversation with the therapist.
Bass, B., &Quimby, J. (2006).Addressing Secrets in Couples Counseling: An Alternative Approach to Informed Consent. The Family Journal, 14(77), 77-80.
Corey, G., Corey, M., &Callanan, P. (2010). Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions. California: Cengage Learning. Read More
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Unit 8 Seminar Legal & Ethics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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