Sexual Harassment Cases Are Becoming More Complex - Assignment Example

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From the paper "Sexual Harassment Cases Are Becoming More Complex" it is clear that case facts revealed that as much as 10 women already reported incidents of sexual harassment, but the case was silent with regards to how many of the employees actually filed a legal complaint against the president…
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Sexual Harassment Cases Are Becoming More Complex
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1. Should the president of Caritas Christi Health Care be fired? Why?
The president of Caritas Christi Health Care should be accorded with the appropriate legal sanction based on the company’s progressive discipline policies, if and when found that the allegations were indeed confirmed. 
2. Why is the handling of sexual harassment cases considered complicated?
The handling of sexual harassment cases is considered complicated due to the following reasons: (1) due to its sensitive nature, there are almost always no witnesses; (2) the cases should be handled on a case-to-case basis; (3) reporting the incident was considered fact-specific, subjective, and takes into account the credibility of both the accuser and the accused; and (4) evolving behavioral changes with regards to accepting some patterns of behavior differ through time (Pfeiffer & Henneman, p. 90).
3. Explain in your own words why consistency in handling sexual harassment claims is important.
Consistency in handling sexual harassment claims is important because there could be legal sanctions and cases filed for discrimination if employers would treat their employees differently in situations where sexual harassment complaints are made. As such, based on company policies or codes of discipline and ethical behavior, organizations should clearly and explicitly stipulate instances that render the behavior as veering towards sexual harassment (irrespective of race, gender, age, length of service, position in the company, and other factors noted in the Equal Employment Opportunities law). Read More
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...developed more established theoretical underpinning, mainly due to its relation to feminist theories, and its firm placement within the wider framework of power relations (Cockburn, 1991). Power and organizational violations Collinson and Collinson (1989, 107) expressed the abuse of power, which leads to sexual harassment using this statement: “men’s sexuality and organizational power are inextricably linked”. Sexual harassment, in many cases, is a depiction of power abuse (Brewis, 2001) and the situation perpetuates a case where one class of people becomes...
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...rates of sexual harassment are currently taking place; as compared to the rates of sexual harassment that had previously been recorded prior to the introduction of women the workforce (Abrams, 2012). Although it might be tempting for the reader to point to the United States as a unique case, the fact of the matter is that any nation that integrates women is the workforce will ultimately experienced a period of history in which increased levels of sexual harassment are noted due to the fact that men are inherently challenged and insecure with regards to the presence of women in a previously male-dominated environment. As...
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Sexual Harassment quo; this type of sexual harassment is experienced when the conditions or terms of employment, or benefits in education setting, are associated with the sexual favors. The harassment of this nature entails an indirect contract grounded on a power relationship. For that reason, perpetrators must be employees or agents possessing some authority in the institution. In such cases, the law insists that the institution is responsible for the sexual harassment. The second one is the Hostile Environment. With this, the law notes that the institution should observe its duty that gives a nondiscriminatory environment for...
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Sexual Harassment training managers on sexual harassment should undoubtedly take into consideration a wide a number of issues key among them being (i) What is considered sexual harassment (ii) Reasons for concern (iii) Workplace gender based antidiscrimination laws. Managers just like any other employee often find themselves involved in sexual harassment cases in different ways, which may include being a witness of the act, victim of the act or as a perpetrator. Lack of adequate knowledge about what constitute a sexual harassment especially verbal, non-verbal and physical conducts may prevent them from...
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... October 27, Sexual harassment laws and policies help prevent workplace conflict because they define sexual harassment, demonstrate commitment to averting sexual harassment, and guide employer and employees on the procedures of reporting sexual harassment cases (“Stop Violence Against Women: Sexual Harassment”). People have a responsibility to their co-workers of avoiding actions and circumstances that may lead to sexual harassment. An example is the case of Bikram Choudhury. His student Sarah Baughn accuses him of sexual harassment because of his physical aggression towards her and his sexual statements directed to her (Riley). If Choudhury is aware of and follows sexual harassment laws and policies, he would understand... that these...
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...risk being sucked from their workplaces because of such conducts. Most of the victims of sexual harassment feel violated because they are turned into sexual objects that are used by the harassers for their pressures. Due to discrimination in workplaces caused by a decline to sexually giving in, the affected workers become less motivated and cannot deliver in their workplaces. This may result in their exit from their workplaces (Buchanan & Fitzgerald, 137). Conclusion Harassment is a vice that has for many years been prevalent in workplaces where it is used by many people to show how powerful they are....
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..., they are even more common in working places between work colleagues. Unfortunately, it is perpetrated by seniors against their junior staff. It has been used in exchange for promotion, employment opportunity or job retention among many others. Unfortunately, females are mainly the victims, as men harass them, though men fall victims but in very few cases. Some of the major cases of sexual harassment are as listed below. 1.03.1 Anita Hill/ Thomas Clarence In 1996, Anita Hill accused Thomas in a live coverage, of sexually harassing female colleagues, as well as use of inappropriate language, as they...
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