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Social Constructionism - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Social Constructionism” the author analyzes alternative/adjunctive approaches to the study of contemporary social issues. It is possible to measure the durability of social psychological processes by adapting social constructionist methodology to examine historical and literary documents…
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Social Constructionism
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Download file to see previous pages It is strongly argued that social constructionism is directly responsible for the “critical” status given to modern social psychology. Gough & McFadden site four main fundamental ideals within social constructionism, which may also be applied to critical social psychology. First of all, the individual is always (and already) existent and located within society. Secondly, the individual is always situated within systems of difference and inequality within society to some extent. Thirdly, power within society is frequently associated with language and presentation. Finally, research should aim to challenge oppression and promote social change. Gough and McFadden believe that ‘the first and crucial point to make is that social constructionism represents a ‘turn to language’ in social theory.’ Therefore the representation, meaning and interpretation of events are what form the key elements comprising the social constructionists agenda whilst simultaneously providing a basis for critical social psychology. Since the introduction of the social constructionist theory, the main attention of critical social psychology has become focussed upon breaking down and studying differing accounts of everyday social activity.
Social learning suggests that aggression is something that is learned and acquired by the self through direct experience or simply by observing the behaviour of others (modelling). Using these methods, the self assimilates the ability to seek appropriate occasions to exercise this particular character trait. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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