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A Hotel Fire Strategy - Assignment Example

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In the paper “A hotel fire strategy” is to organize fire strategy for the entire hotel and comprises fire suppression, other internal fire spread and external fire spread. Adequate care and provisions should be made that chances of fire is remote and even if it does takes place, it causes minimum damage…
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A Hotel Fire Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages The admeasurements of the staircases are also not provided. We assume width of each staircase to admeasure 1400 mm and of 5 meters height.
“Elements of structure such as structural frames, beams, columns, load bearing walls and floor structures” are insulated from fire. The hotel owners have left nothing to chance while preparing the building for the hotel. Adequate care and provisions have been made that chances of fire is remote and even if it does takes place, it causes minimum damage (Buildings Other Than Dwelling Houses, 2007, p71).
My work is to organize fire strategy for the entire hotel and comprises compartmentation, fire suppression, other internal fire spread and external fire spread
The cinema on the ground floor has sprinklers. These sprinklers become automatically activated in the event of a fire. The closest sprinkler to the spot of the fire gets first activated. The heat above 45 degrees is immediately sensed by the sprinklers setting off water jets sprouting towards the fire. There are 30 sprinklers spread over the cinema. Four sprinkles are fixed on each wall totaling 16 all around the walls. Another 14 sprinklers guard the ceiling, 3 each in four rows and two hover over the screen (Buildings Other Than Dwelling Houses, 2007, p783). The cinema is one whole auditorium. So it is not possible to compartmentalize by means of walls or any other partition. The walls, floor and ceiling are, however, fire-proof. There are four large exit point that lead outside the building premises from the cinema. There are another four exit points that lead to the lobby of the ground floor. But these exit points have a wall in between the lobby and the exit points. There is a ten-foot passage between the exit points and the wall that lead to the main entrance of the hotel. An emergency exit almost the size of the passage width at one end of this passage leading outside the building premises is opened at the end of the shows to enable the viewers make their exit. Viewers are not allowed to exit from the hotel lobby except in emergency situations such as fire. The capacity of the cinema is 200 persons. In case of fire towards the exits leading outside the building, the viewers will naturally make exit from the exit points towards the lobby. A hundred viewers will exit from the lobby which will be opened for the exiting viewers in view of the emergency situation, and another hundred will exit from the emergency exit leading outside the building. The doors leading into the cinema are fire-proof. However, the large, dark curtains within the doors are not fire proof. Nevertheless, fire to these curtains will not result in large scale damage since the walls and floor are fire-proof.
The seating arrangement in the cinema is fire-proof. The screen is not fire-proof. But sprinklers overhead will sprout water jets immediately the screen catches fire. Overall, the complete cinema is well-prepared for evacuation in case of fire. There are three fire ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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