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Islamic Religious Extremism - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Islamic Religious Extremism" describes the general overview of radicalization in the Muslim religion. There are a lot of factors that influenced Islam extremism. This work presents the definition of extremism, its role in the Muslim religion, the causes and circumstances of its rise; the sponsors and the opponents of Islamic extremists, the motives and methods of extremist groups. …
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Islamic Religious Extremism
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Extract of sample "Islamic Religious Extremism"

Download file to see previous pages Apart from the support from the supporter, Islam extremism has got a lot of opposition from western countries and other religions.
Extremism is the act that that tends significantly to violate human rights, as well as the abuse of the rule of law. The Muslim religion believes that by exercising extremism they are doing right. They get the interpretation and understanding from their religious leaders among other philosophers, who have a deeper understanding of the Muslim religion. Islamic extremism is given directions by the interpretation of the Islamic faith that believes that Islamic law is inclusive of the political and religious systems. Since the Muslims believe that Allah gives the prescriptions for imposing sharia or law have to in the public sphere by a worldwide Islamic state. In addition, Islamic extremists take it as the only truly legitimate form of governance and reject the values of human rights and democracy (Bernard, 2012). For this reason, the primary objective of Islamic extremist’s religion is the union of state and mosque under the sharia law. Individuals who stand for such an approach are called Islamists. Their philosophy is political Islam or Islamism.
Some of the related terms for Islamic extremism comprise radical Islam and Islamic supremacy. Islamic extremists believe that they have a right to put in place the form of governance in Muslim territories, countries and, eventually and also extending it to the entire world. According to the Islamic extremists, they believe that they are promoting freedom and justice instituting sharia. In other countries that deeply rooted in the Islamic religion, Islamic extremists explain sharia as a greater form of democracy. In addition, Islamic extremists also have intermediate political targets that they consider that it will open the way for the worldwide implementation of sharia (Hiber, 2009). Among their primary goals is the removal of nonMuslim soldiers from the Muslim land, and overthrow their enemy's regime.  Acts of Islamic extremism include the violation of Human rights, terrorism, the implementation of sharia-based governance, mistreatment of non-Muslims and overall hostility to Western democracy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Islamic Religious Extremism Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
Islamic Religious Extremism Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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