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Biography of the Jesuit Saint Francis Xavier - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper contains the biography of the Jesuit Saint Francis Xavier, a saint and Jesuit missionary, universally identified in English as St. Francis Xavier as well as referred to as the "Apostle of the Indies." Francis was the youngest lad of Juan de Jasso…
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Biography of the Jesuit Saint Francis Xavier
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Download file to see previous pages In accordance to the Spanish tradition of the moment, which kept the family name of either parent optional with kids, he was named after his own mother; the most excellent authorities inscribe Francisco de Xavier (Latin Xaverius) instead of Francisco Xavier, as Xavier was initially used as a name of a place. In 1524 he attended the University of Paris, where he enrolled in the College of St. Barbara, which was back then the headquarters of both the Spanish and the Portuguese students and in 1528 he was selected university lecturer in Aristotelian philosophy at the Collège de Beauvais. In 1530 he enrolled for his degree in Master of Arts.
Xavier and the Savoyard Pierre Lefèvre, with whom he shared his lodge, had by now in 1529 made the associate of Ignatius of Loyola – who also like St. Francis was a local of the Spanish Basque state. Ignatius did succeed, even if in St. Francis case after a little opposition, in gaining their kindness for his missionary scheme; furthermore they were among the companionship of seven persons, as well as Loyola himself, who took up the novel Jesuit vow on the 15th of August 1534. They kept back in Paris for two years more; but on November the 15th, 1536, they set off for Italy, to a concert together with Ignatius plot of converting Muslims of Palestine. In January 1537 they reached Venice. As a few months must pass by before they can sail for Palestine, Ignatius decided that the instance should be used up partly in hospital labor at Venice and then afterward in the expedition to Rome. Consequently, St. Francis dedicated himself for nine weeks to the hospice for the incurables and afterward set out with eight friends for Rome, where then Pope Paul III authorized their endeavor.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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