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Death and Dying Rituals in Islam - Term Paper Example

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The author of this paper claims that in Islam there is a strong belief among Muslims that there is a life after death and that had Heaven and Hell exists. The belief that there is an afterlife has led the Islamic faith to compartmentalize their thought…
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Death and Dying Rituals in Islam
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Download file to see previous pages Death, according to Islam, is a passage from an earthly existence, to a pure and eternal sacred realm. (Kassis 51) Muslims believe that only God is permanent while all else perishes after a time. The Quran clearly states – “All that dwells upon the Earth is perishing, yet still abides the Face of thy Lord majestic and splendid.” (Kassis 50)
According to (Chittick 126) in Islam, an individual fails to fulfill his existence on the Earth, if they follow their own desires, outside the boundary of the Divine structure. Thus, such a failure causes a problematic condition for the human. Shedding light on this problematic condition, Streng states that “human life that does not duplicate the eternal structure of meaning and order as found in the Sacred Realm is merely a profane existence, characterized by weakness, ignorance, impurity, and meaningless.”(44). Streng also believes that if human existence fails to fall within the parameters of the eternal structure, then life becomes meaningless and results in endless suffering in the afterworld. According to (Chittick, 126) every human being who is created by God, is placed on this Earth for a specific purpose and how successful they are in fulfilling God’s purpose determines the judgment of God and this is seen reflected in the passage to eternal life after death.
Shedding light on the purity and impurity of things Streng states that, “The sacred reality is pure, whereas the profane world is impure” (46) In Islam, the different customs and rituals during the burial incorporate the concept of purity and impurity of the individual’s existence. The ritual of ghusl according to Islamic culture is the preparation of the corpse for the day of resurrection.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Death and Dying Rituals in Islam Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Death and Dying Rituals in Islam Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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