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The Catholic Morality of the Just War Theory - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “The Catholic Morality of the Just War Theory” the author discusses a set of tenets adopted by Catholic ethicists, theologians, and scholars to justify conflicts in terms of philosophical and theosophical bases. Just War Theory (JWT) is thought to apply to all aspects of war…
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The Catholic Morality of the Just War Theory
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Extract of sample "The Catholic Morality of the Just War Theory"

Download file to see previous pages Although JWT theories have classically held war in disregard, their theory is realist insofar as it accounts for the possible necessity of war under no other alternative outcome. For a Catholic, following the proper moral guidelines during war, as well as in daily life, will keep him from straying to a different path and the slippery slope toward sin.
Just War Theory consists of a number of criteria for starting, carrying out, and ending wartime conflicts. Essentially, these standards state that war ought to be waged in defense and only defense with sufficient evidence. War as “last resort” indicates that war, when waged, is waged as the last viable option, when peaceful alternatives no longer exist. Intention the also plays a primary role in deciding whether an army’s advances are legitimate. That is, the reason for war must be legitimate to the extent that it is being used for punishing wrongs and protecting innocent. Part of this intentionality condition is the question of proportionality, which is the calculated benefit to harms ratio from the perspective of the invading army.
Also built into JWT are conditions that specify moral legitimacy during the course of war (in Latin, Jus in Bello). Primary categories within Jus in Bello include principles of necessity, of distinction, and of proportionality. The principle of necessity specifies that war ought to be governed by the principle of minimum force with regard to how the military defeats its enemy.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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