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Sacred Scripture and Cosmogony in Islam and Christianity - Coursework Example

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The author of the essay "Sacred Scripture and Cosmogony in Islam and Christianity" states that To a person studying the religions of the world, it would probably come as no surprise to them that when looking at Christianity and Islam, there are many similarities that can be found…
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Sacred Scripture and Cosmogony in Islam and Christianity
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Extract of sample "Sacred Scripture and Cosmogony in Islam and Christianity"

Download file to see previous pages Just as Christianity shares much with the Judaic tradition that came before it, Islam shares traditions in common with Christianity. Many people, even today, do not realize that since the onset of Christianity and Islam, there have been Christians and Muslims (meaning the followers of Islam) living side by side in most of the Muslim countries. The Christians are a minority, but Islam, by way of the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings as documented in the Quran, makes room for Christianity alongside Islam.

This brief essay will examine two of the elements that Christianity and Islam have in common, and how those elements work within the religion, and outside of the religion as it pertains one to the other. The first element will be created, because Islam, like Christianity and Judaism before it, must have a beginning so that Muslims can connect to their existence, and to provide the context for their relationship with Allah. Creation helps Christians to connect to their place and context in time and space, and this paper will compare it with Islam.

The second element that will be discussed in this brief essay will be one that will perhaps surprise many people as a commonality between Islam and Christianity: the concept of the Virgin Mary. Unbeknownst to, or perhaps just not realized, by many Christians is that the Virgin has a sacred place in Islam, and is highly revered in Islam (Eaton, Gai, 1982, 42).

Unlike Islam, everything in the life of a Christian is not guided by the doctrine of Christianity. That is, Christianity is left to the Christian conscience. The relationship between Christians and God is described, defined, and demonstrated by the stories of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Christianity does not reinvent the wheel, and the stories that grew out of Judaism, and since Christianity grew out of the Judaic tradition, serve Christians in their tradition as well. The first story of the Old Testament is the story of creation, in the Book of Genesi. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sacred Scripture and Cosmogony in Islam and Christianity Coursework.
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