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Church of Scientology History, about the church its views, conflicts, problems and issues, and present day - Research Paper Example

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Indeed, if one takes a close look at the history of it, one can identify the traces of primitive religions almost at the very dawn of society. However,…
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Download file to see previous pages Thor hitting his enemies with his hammer, they were no longer afraid of it. It is rather surprising that later in history another type of religion appeared that dealt with much more complex issues, such as Christianity. However, in the previous century, the world witnessed various religions that were different from everything that was known before. This paper will explore the major tenets of Scientology, including some criticism that is aimed at it.
To begin, one should point out that it is rather difficult to find one specific word that would describe Scientology. In some countries, for example in the United States it is legally recognized as a religion and as such is exempt from paying taxes. This is particularly important since it reflects the full acknowledgement as a spiritual teaching that is equal to such world religions as Christianity and Islam. On another hand, in some countries Scientology is viewed as a commercial organization and is treated accordingly. The justification for such approach comes for the peculiarities of some of its practices when people are able to receive counseling or knowledge for a fixed fee. Finally, some countries, like France, see Scientology as nothing but a cult (Kent,1999).
It must be noted that the origins of Scientology is in the works of L. Ron Hubbard. At first, this person developed Dianetics: a teaching according to which people were able to get rid of the past that was supposedly holding them back (Horwitz, 1997, p. 88). Such approach toward personal evolution reflects the widely accepted trends of the 1950s when emotions were rejected and rationality was thought to dominate the world. However, as this practice was developed, some people noted that they were able to get in touch with their previous lives and reincarnation became of the most discussed themes. Unlike other people who would quickly dismiss it, Hubbard saw the potential in this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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