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Hinduism and Divine Images - Assignment Example

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For example, the Hindu culture believes in many gods who are represented in different forms or idles. In the Christian and Judaism culture, God is as unseen and cannot be explained or represented…
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Hinduism and Divine Images
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Extract of sample "Hinduism and Divine Images"

Hinduism and Divine Images affiliation Hinduism and Divine Images Different religions picture God in different ways depending on their own beliefs. For example, the Hindu culture believes in many gods who are represented in different forms or idles. In the Christian and Judaism culture, God is as unseen and cannot be explained or represented physically, he is believed to a supernatural being (Adams, 1997).
When I was a child, the picture of the Devine was that there was only one God who had the characteristic of being powerful, pure, patient, the creator of every being, and forgiving. However, after critical interviews with friends from different religious background, this picture has changed. This picture has changed because of understanding that different religions have different ways of interpreting the Devine, for example, Hinduism believe in many gods each having different names, for example Krishna. On the other hand, Christians and Jews believe in one God who is not represented in physical form.
These images are expected to change with time or as I age because of globalization and the fact that people are still researching on the unknown to better understand the nature of God. Everyday new religions come up with their own understanding of God based on their research, which is a clear prove of the expected change in this image (Watts, 1991). It is expected to be hard to determine the correctness of one image as compared to the other. However, one method of doing this is by looking at the description that is closest to ancient writings as per each religion.
The issue of the image of the Devine is critical in understanding different religions because different religions have their own understanding and representation of the God.

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