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Outline.This is only an outline for a that is going to be written latter,so the topic is outline - Research Paper Example

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In recent ages, advocacy against spiritual belief has grown at a steadfast rate. Gaining understanding of this topic is critical in that people will learn to appreciate…
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Outline.This is only an outline for a research paper that is going to be written latter,so the topic is outline
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Extract of sample "Outline.This is only an outline for a that is going to be written latter,so the topic is outline"

Outline; What Would Happen To Humanity Without Religion? Research Question: What would happen to humanity without religion?
This is one of the commonly thought questions in this generation but rarely do people discuss the issue. In recent ages, advocacy against spiritual belief has grown at a steadfast rate. Gaining understanding of this topic is critical in that people will learn to appreciate religion as practiced in earlier years. In order to understand the topic even further, the method incorporated is that of comparing the manner of living as seen by atheists and comparing this with how religious people lead their lives. This study is important as carrying it out will lead to an understanding of how society would appear with the absence of religion.
One major argument on the matter is with relation to scientology. Scientology has grown in contemporary years and has seen many people join the particular movement (Barth, 2007). With the absence of religion, people would grow further believing in the movement. Religion exists in current days and people still carry out heinous crimes on a daily basis. It is only right to state that with absence of religion, these crimes would increase significantly. People would invade other’s privacy stealing and committing murders. (Matlock, 2008) Society would have no rubrics and humans would lack personal rules by which to abide.
Without religion, people in society would lack common grounds (Ryan, 2007). Getting together in prayer and worship is one factor that unites people of different backgrounds and social stature. Lack thereof would lead to judgment and condescending among people. Atheists portray this when looking at the manner in which most of them live their lives. People would lack a sense of unity and this would act as a sign for the beginning of societal and humanity’s downfall.
Barth, K. (2007). On Religion: The Revelation of God as the Sublimation of Religion. New York: Cengage Learning.
Matlock, G. (2008). Nature’s Religion Versus Mankind’s Spiritual Frauds. London: Oxford University Press.
Ryan, E. (2007). The History of the Effects of Religion on Mankind. Chicago: Chicago University Press. Read More
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