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The Life/Biography of Saint Ambrose - Research Paper Example

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Ambrose was born at around 339 AD among two other brothers who were also saints; Saint Marcellina and saint Satyrus. Ambrose went ahead to study classics Greek, law and philosophy, as well as poetry. He became the Governor of Liguria and Emilia in 372 up until 374 when he…
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The Life/Biography of Saint Ambrose
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Download file to see previous pages Upon his election and ordainment as the bishop of Milan he immediately undertook to stop Arianism. Subsequently, his great understanding of Greek helped him study the Old Testament with many Greek authors who were largely from Arian. However, Ambrose was very adamant to accept Arianism and he fought it with all his will.
It is very clear that Ambrose was against the Jews in fact it is well known that he advised the youth against intermarrying with the Jews. According to history it is apparent through his focused resistance against the rebuilding of a synagogue at Callinium as had been ordered by emperor Theodosius the Great.
St. Ambrose had both good and bad relationships with the emperors. In some instances he would be sought by the emperors to intervene on sensitive matters affecting the state. However, at times Ambrose would differ with these emperors over certain matters.
St. Ambrose died on April 4th 397 AD two years after the death of Theodosius and after the undisputed possession of the Roman Empire. Ambrose was succeeded by Simplician as the bishop of Milan. He was buried I the church of St. Ambrogio in Milan. His remains still exist in this church and they are fame be among the oldest body of historical personages recognized outside Egypt.
Ambroses strong episcopal perception furthered the growing doctrine of the Church and its spiritual ministry. However, the established abstinence of the day, continuing the Tolerant and Ciceronian training of his early life, facilitated him to cultivate a patronizing standard of Christian principles. Consequently, The Powerful Mariology of Ambrose of Milan mentored modern-day Popes such as Pope Damasus and Siricius and later, Pope Leo the Great. Dominant to Ambrose is the virginity of Mary and her character as Mother of God ( Laughton 17). As such, Ambrose perceived virginity as loftier to marriage, consequently valuing Mary as the model of virginity. He is alleged to have founded an ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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