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The paper “Apostolic Church: Disciple or Discipleship” looks at discipleship in the church, which is a very important task for a minister as the church cannot function without disciples who are given duties. Discipleship is done through a combination of one-on-one discussion of Biblical doctrines…
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Apostolic Church: Disciple or Discipleship
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Interviews Minister Jimmy Lyndon-Apostolic Church How they define "disciple" or "discipleship" Disciple is someone who is under the tutelage of a teacher. You may note that when the apostles are still with Jesus Christ, they are not referred to as apostles as they are still under training. They were called disciples by then because they still have a lot to learn from the Master.
How do they "make disciples" (strategies, methods, materials used, etc.)
Discipleship in our church is a very important task for a minister as the church cannot function without disciples who are given duties. Discipleship is done through a combination of one-on-one discussion of Biblical doctrines utilizing our church's materials. We also focus on the Word of God because it allows us to apply Bible passages which would be used in preaching. Another method is through allowing them to do things which they expect to do in the future such as preaching, teaching in Bible studies, and other task. The discipleship is more on theories plus application.
How do they know if they've been successful
The determinant really is on how they are able coping with the process. I conduct assessment like oral examinations. I also monitor progress through the application process. For example, after outlining the process of preparing a sermon and delivering them, I ask them to do it in the following Sunday in order to gauge if they are able to absorb the things which I taught.
What advice would they give to an emerging (just getting started) minister
The success in discipleship comes with practice. You are better equipped with it through gaining exposure and experiences. Just abide in the Lord and He will guide you with the process.
Minister Rey Smith-Apostolic Faith Church Mission of Portland Oregon
How they define "disciple" or "discipleship"
Discipleship is a process of making future leaders. It is all about equipping them with the knowledge and skills that they would need in order for them to be successful and powerful ministers in the future.
How do they "make disciples" (strategies, methods, materials used, etc.)
In our church, there are really no rigid trainings as we focus more on spiritual qualifications. Being a disciple is often a choice of members who have already received salvation and would want to be used in the Lord's work. After they communicate their desire, they go through a one-on-one indoctrination process where our doctrines are taught and expounded. We give them tasks like singing in the choir, preaching, teaching, and even menial jobs like cleaning the church.
How do they know if they've been successful
Success is gauged through the spiritual progress of the disciple. I know that I am successful when I can observe that the life of my disciple is becoming more in-line with God's standard. I believe that the desire of an individual to be used in larger tasks in the ministry is motivated by the desire to please God and become like Him.
What advice would they give to an emerging (just getting started) minister
My advice is that they continue consecrating their lives in the Lord. It doesn't really matter how huge or how small we can contribute to God's ministry as God is much more concerned with our relationship with Him. Strive to grow spiritually with the Lord and He will give you all the wisdom and power that you need. Read More
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