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Report on Norman Solomon: Judaism: A Very short Introduction - Book Report/Review Example

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Judaism: A Very short Introduction The anti-Semitism between Christians and Jews has always be there in the history of Christianity and Judaism since the splitting of Christianity from Judaism and their formations as separate religions. There is a constantly hostile belief towards Jew community…
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Book report on Norman Solomon: Judaism: A Very short Introduction
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Extract of sample "Report on Norman Solomon: Judaism: A Very short Introduction"

Download file to see previous pages From that moment the American approach towards looking at Islam suddenly changed and this resulted into the anti-Semitism between Christian and Islam. Today also in America and Europe, the person from Islamic race is seen with suspicion and hatred. In short many incidents, situations become responsible for changing the outlook of the people towards the other community. The paper also throws the light on the long prevlent hatred between Judaism and Christianity. Christians and Muslims have the biased views about Judaism. Being the two major, leading and dominating religions of the world, their influence on the world is no doubt very significant. During the period of Hitler, the Jews were tormented by Hitler and his troop due to the ethnic hatred. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was such an incident which made the entire Jew community sinner in the eyes of Christians. Still it is there in the psyche of the Christian against Jews. Norman Solomon, a journalist and a freelance writer gives a new insight to Judaism. In his book Judaism: A Very Short Introduction, in real sense he has discussed a lot about myths and facts about Judaism. Judaism and Christianity share some common factors and one of them is its roots in Hebrew Scripture (Old Testaments) The first chapter opens with a question “Who are Jews?” It was the general perception of Christians in medieval period that Jews were the chosen people by God but then they rejected Christ and so they became cursed. It pertains to the mythological story of Adam & Eve, who did not obey God that resulted into their fall from paradise. According to Christians, Jesus was the son of God and he was the messiah in that sense. The people who are not following his path were not human beings but they are like devils and monsters and they were Jews according to Christians. The Jews also were compared with devil like figure with hook noses and horns and they were called blood libel. Again it pertains to the Satan like character in the story of Adam and Eve. In short in the eyes of Christians, Jews were no one but devil or Satan. Many misconceptions were created by Christians about Jews. They were regarded as the people, who drink blood of the Christian child. The author further focuses on the way of accusation, Christians involved in, with the help of their political power. They were confined, they were compelled to wear different dresses, they were excluded from guilds and professions, and they were not allowed to own lands. In short their right to live as a human beings has been snatched away by Christians. Further they were accused of poisoning wells and murdering Christian children to use their blood for Passover. The Jews has been living with this false blatant of being cannibals for years. On such background it is also important to understand the perception of Jews. What Jews think about themselves is also important, because we cannot judge the person, on the basis of his cult, religion or doctrines. The Jews agree that they are the chosen people of God, yet they refuse the divine status of Messiah status given to Christ. The real conflict started with this opinion whether Jesus is Messiah or not. The argument and debate went to such an extent that it instilled the feeling of hatred and suspicion about each other. It may be the difference in opinion but that led to the animosity between Jews and Christens. The second topic of the book is based ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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