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Prayer in Islam - Research Paper Example

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Prayer is that spiritual communication to God or an object that is being worshiped, it is making a petition to God, an object of worship or a god. …
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Prayer in Islam
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Extract of sample "Prayer in Islam"

Download file to see previous pages Prayer is that spiritual communication to God or an object that is being worshiped, it is making a petition to God, an object of worship or a god. Prayer has different meanings and practices around the world where there is the use of postures like kneeling, walking and bowing the head which is seen as a way of showing devotion. In some places prayer involves asking for forgiveness, praise and worship and thanks giving. Some religions have a certain or standard way of praying, for example, the Lord’s Prayer which is often said by a group of worshipers.
Islam is based on the five pillars which are the foundation of the Islamic life. The first pillar is the I-man or faith where Muslims believe in the oneness of Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger. This declaration or Shahada is the believe that serving and obeying Allah is the only purpose one has in their life and this is normally achieved through the teachings and practices of Prophet Muhammad.
Prayer is the second pillar which involves declaring a testimony of faith. Prayer in Muslim is seen to be important since it is a way of worshiping and establishing a close relationship with Allah who is the creator. It is seen as way of acknowledgement ones weakness and need to ask for Devine grace, forgiveness, mercy and abundance which is believed to be of interest to every Muslim. Prayer in Islam is referred to as Salat and is believed to have been made a mandatory obligation by Allah for every Muslim to follow it as per the Hadith where Prophet Muhammad was asked, “which of the actions is best?”
ayer is also believed to be able to prevent one from all immoral or sinful deeds and strengthens the relationship and bond between Muslims, that bond of unity and love. Prayer breaks all differences that exist among Muslims because every individual prays at the same time, facing the same direction and this can also be seen when all Muslims gather together in Mosques to pray and listen to sermons. Prayer involves certain body movement while reciting passages of the Quran and consists of defined movements and recitations of passages of the Quran. For the Muslim community prayers can be done in any place that is considered to be clean; however, it is believed that prayers done from a mosque will bring 27 times more blessings. Muslims believe that when one begins a prayer session, they should not stop until they are through but there is an exception, for example, in a situation where a woman sees her child in danger, she can save her child while reciting the prayer as per the teachings of the Quran [2:239] "Under unusual circumstances, one may pray while walking or even riding. Once one is safe, one shall commemorate God as He taught them what they never knew."   There are several pre-requisites to make a prayer valid which include; the prayer time where prayers have to be during the specific times of the day. Mosques normally help the congregation note the prayer time through the Adan or call to prayer which translates to; God is the greatest (x 3) I confirm that there is no one worthy of worship except God (x2) I testify that Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of God (x2) Come for prayer (x2) Come for success (x2) God is the greatest (x2) there is no one worthy of worship except God. Pre-requisites in making a prayer valid also include the purification rituals or Taharah ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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