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Does Terrorism Work as a Means of Changing World Policies - Report Example

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This paper "Does Terrorism Work as a Means of Changing World Policies" discusses terrorism, that by nature is difficult to define.  According to noted intellectual Brain, Michael Jenkins, ` acts of terrorism conjure emotional responses in the victims as well as in the practitioners…
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Does Terrorism Work as a Means of Changing World Policies
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Extract of sample "Does Terrorism Work as a Means of Changing World Policies"

Download file to see previous pages That is the dilemma associated with terrorism--- the double-edged weapon. The old saying that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, is still in vogue. A man belonging to Al-Qaeda can be a so-called freedom fighter for Bin-Laden but for President George Bush Government, he is simply a terrorist, who spills the blood of the innocents.

The basic and the debatable question here is whether terrorism really works in the present scenario in changing the Governments and their opinions? There appears to be a number of instances across the globe wherein it has been felt that terrorists, except killing innocents and making media headings and stories, have generally failed in their deadly mission in toppling the democratically elected Governments across the globe. They might have killed the number of civilians or men in uniform but have not caused a real and permanent dent within the democratic institutions. Former Governor of militancy-hit Indian border State of Jammu and Kashmir says that terrorists might have played with the religious sentiments of the people or forced the migrations but have not in any way changed the system of working of the Government where terrorists have created a huge loss of public money and property (2)

But then, there are instances, when terroristists have, to some extent succeeded in their nefarious designs and forced the Governments across the world to change their policy decisions by literary bowing before them.

The American system is built on the belief that governments are best changed with ballots, not bombs. This belief is also held in high esteem by all those countries, including India, where democracy has been flourishing for decades.  Except for few instances when World Trade Centre or Indian Parliament was attacked and taking the Governments on the back-foot, these two great democratic nations have ably been fighting the war against terrorism without allowing the insurgents to change the system of governance in their respective nations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Does Terrorism Work as a Means of Changing World Policies Report.
(Does Terrorism Work As a Means of Changing World Policies Report)
Does Terrorism Work As a Means of Changing World Policies Report.
“Does Terrorism Work As a Means of Changing World Policies Report”.
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