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Pressure Group Have Too Much Access to Politicians - Literature review Example

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This paper "Pressure Group Have Too Much Access to Politicians" discusses pressure groups that are becoming more prominent in British politics. They articulate a demand for disadvantage and advantage groups. Generally, pressure or mostly known as interest groups are formed as nonprofit organizations. …
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Pressure Group Have Too Much Access to Politicians
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Extract of sample "Pressure Group Have Too Much Access to Politicians"

Download file to see previous pages They are financed, at least partially, by taxes and/or contribution based on some measure of the ability to pay, and some or all of their services are distributed on the basis of need rather than effective demand” (p. 2).

Angelica (2004), on the contrary, says that nonprofit organizations are financially dependent on government grants and contributions from individuals and corporations. Through collaboration, nonprofit organizations are now becoming more business-like. Although they have the status of nonprofit that provides the most services at the least possible price (Shim & Siegel, 1997), they operate in a business-like manner as said by Nadder. But they still have some distinction from the for-profit enterprises. Some of the distinctions are, according to Shim & Siegel:

In certain cases, a nonprofit organization does generate profits from its operation but does not distribute the profit. All the assets of the organizations are exempted from tax purposes. The owner or the board management may be given incentive or compensation based on the productivity or contribution but not based on the profitability of the organization.

Unfortunately, collaboration, which Ellen White (1999) calls it an artificial civilization that destroys principles, disciplines, standards, and values, is not only caused the nonprofit to operate in a business-like manner but also has destroyed its characteristics.

The pressure or interest groups, though are registered as nonprofit organizations, they are established as limited companies, established or set individually and survived by a financial contribution from individuals and corporations who eye on the politicians to promote their interests but have no power to do so. Later, they are able to gain access to politicians and government officials through these pressure groups.

Paul Stephens (1998) defines pressure groups as political groups that have significant “influence on the central government to put pressure on politicians to advance the groups’ goals” (p. 386). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Pressure Group Have Too Much Access to Politicians Literature Review.
“Pressure Group Have Too Much Access to Politicians Literature Review”.
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