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Problems in Australian Politics and How to Solve Them - Assignment Example

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This paper 'Problems in Australian Politics and How to Solve Them" focuses on the fact that corruption is widespread in Australian politics. According to Barry Hindes's corruption has become synonymous with politics and it is a persistent problem in Australia. …
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Problems in Australian Politics and How to Solve Them
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Extract of sample "Problems in Australian Politics and How to Solve Them"

Download file to see previous pages Wages that include overtime allowances and travel allowances for the staff of Members of Parliament reveal a sudden increase just before the elections and this reveals that they are being utilized as a part of the election campaign (McLennan, 2004).

Estimating corruption is always difficult because people never reveal the facts of corruption that they are involved in. Politicizing public service often becomes a major problem and this reprehensible practice was introduced during the regime of the Labour party government and was continued by the Coalition government. Due to this, the public servants have slowly commenced to divest themselves of accountability towards parliament or to the code of conduct (McLennan, 2004).

In order to curb this ministerial use of public servants, certain recommendations were propounded by Professor Hindess that include the introduction of Commonwealth whistleblower protection legislation and anti-defamation legislation that provide protection for persons who make disclosures in the public interest. It has also been recommended that registers of interests and code of conduct for parliamentarians and ministers should be maintained in every region. These codes of conduct should include particulars regarding post-separation employment and an independent ethics commissioner vested with necessary powers has to be appointed so as to control these registers (McLennan, 2004).

The various Australian political systems are broadly democratic and undemocratic in nature. The electoral system is democratic; whereas federalism, bicameralism, etc are not democratic. Democracy is not fundamental political value, hence no assurances can be made that it accords justice to society’s minorities. Democracy has to be guided by extant culture and institutions like the liberal legal tradition, education, etc. It is essential for the minorities to demand such measures as will accord justice to them.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Problems in Australian Politics and How to Solve Them Assignment.
(Problems in Australian Politics and How to Solve Them Assignment)
Problems in Australian Politics and How to Solve Them Assignment.
“Problems in Australian Politics and How to Solve Them Assignment”.
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