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Impact of Globalization on the State - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Impact of Globalization on the State" discusses few of the impacts that the world is witnessing from globalization, while it can be said that it has brought positive change to the state affairs, there is a raging debate on its positive and negative impact…
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Impact of Globalization on the State
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Extract of sample "Impact of Globalization on the State"

Download file to see previous pages The globalization has brought forth many differences that pertain to different national identities working together to in the direction of achieving a particular task. In addition, the globalization is responsible for the narrowing gap in the economic conditions of the world. The people from different nationalities work for multi-national companies, which offer excellent salary packages. The free-market economic principals, combined with capitalist ideology are the driving force for world economies currently working in tandem. This paper discusses few of the impacts that the world is witnessing from globalization, while it can be said that it has brought positive change to the state affairs, there the raging debate on its positive and negative impact. The effects of globalization are seen in terms of both positive and negative impacts for different countries, around the world. The positive impact is the growth in the economy that has resulted in better living standards and prosperity for the larger society. However, the negative impacts include the new wave of migration of human resources from developing to developed nations, which can result in loss of employment in developed countries and forced changes in the social strictures. The new gap created by globalization between rich and poor also leads to an increase in criminal offenses. In addition, rich countries may witness depletion in resources, while bringing more pollution problems in some other countries. The direct result of globalization is the outsourcing of manufacturing facilities by countries like the USA to developing nations in Asia. This has resulted in the loss of employment for skilled workers in such countries. The establishment of call centers in Asian countries that attend to queries from European and American consumers of a particular product or service is an example in this direction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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