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Relevance of NATO After the fall of The Berlin Wall - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Relevance of NATO After the fall of The Berlin Wall” the author analyzes the consequences of the signing of a treaty that led to the establishment of NATO. It constituted a system of collective defense if any nation was to be attacked by an external party…
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Relevance of NATO After the fall of The Berlin Wall
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Extract of sample "Relevance of NATO After the fall of The Berlin Wall"

Download file to see previous pages This was a doctrine of national security policy and military strategy in which full throttle use of weapons of mass destruction would annihilate all the parties involved, the attackers and the defenders. It was a strategy of scaring an attacker from starting an aggression by threatening to use strong weapons against them. That is the theory of deterrence upon which Mutually Assured Destruction was based (Schoenbaum 74). It is a version of the Nash equilibrium in which none of the armed parties has the incentive to start a war/conflict or even to disarm. It is based on the assumption that the attacker and the defender both have enough weapons to destroy each other and if for any reason one nation attacks the other, the latter would retaliate immediately and with equal measure.  Hostilities would escalate irreversibly, and this would result in the combatants’ (both) total, mutual land assured destruction.
The further assumption is that neither of the sides will be prepared to venture into the war or launch the first strike because the other will launch on warning or with secondary forces, and this can only result in unacceptable mass destruction. It is thought to lead to stable global peace, though in reality, nations of the world cannot be equal in terms of military strength endowments.
It applied mostly between the untied states and the united soviet socialist republic during the cold war. The weapons that were used in this war were propaganda and sanctions, which made it more of a war of words. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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