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The paper 'Global Policy Forum' focuses on US global intervention which based on political and economic interest is not justified, as this would logically legitimize the right of other countries to intervene in the US. Global intervention is justified only in defense of sovereign territory…
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Global Policy Forum
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US interventions, based on the imposition of democracy on unwilling nations during the Cold War, led to such entanglements as Vietnam. The intervention in Afghanistan may be justified in the light of the WTC attacks. However, the contemporary intervention in Uganda merely uses Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army as a pretext to appropriate control of Ugandan oil reserves.
If US global intervention is justified, it logically follows that all other countries also have the right to intervene in the United States to protect their own economic or political interests. Of course, the US remains impervious to such retaliatory action because its status as a superpower, with unmatched military and economic might, puts it beyond the reach of most nations. This state of affairs is the cause of the growing resentment against the strong-arm tactics employed by America.
Markets, investment opportunities, and natural resources are crucial to all nations. These do not constitute justifiable conditions for global interventions. The days of colonization and empire are irrevocably gone. It is time the United States realizes that assuming the role of a Global Policeman, wielding the big stick to impose its writ on reluctant nations, will not contribute to the national interest. This is particularly relevant in these times of economic depression, when strong relationships with other nations, based on mutual respect of equal partners, will beast contribute to US progress. Read More
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Global Policy Forum Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 347 Words.
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